Why Hire A Pest Control Expert When The Weather Is Chilly?

As the weather turns colder in New Jersey many different types of invasive pests will disappear.  Flying pests such as wasps, bees, hornets, and mosquitoes have a difficult time flying when temperatures hit the 50’s and they soon will die off.  Queens however will survive as they will seek shelter in various locations awaiting the springtime warmth.

Termites, which are rarely seen unless a log is overturned or existing landscape timber uprooted, will burrow deep down in their underground hide-a- ways to escape the winter chill that exists on the surface level.  Their cozy underground nest protects them from frost, snow, ice, and freezing rain.  They will also hunker down in homes and businesses, report Monmouth County, NJ pest control experts.

Ants are another species that you will not see much of as the weather becomes chilly.  Many species will head into their burrows keeping a low profile also awaiting the warmth of the spring.  Sometimes ants will find their way indoors in the winter months via cracks in a home’s foundation, or perhaps they have already developed a nesting site within a wall void.  The cozy warmth and a constant food and water source of our New Jersey home will drive these pests out in the open.

Mice are notorious for coming indoors to seek shelter from the winter chill.  Just like humans, mice seek food, water, and a warm place to live.  Once indoors, they will not leave on their own.  They are nocturnal so it is often difficult to see them, but their droppings and gnawing are an indication that they are present.

Having a Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional at the ready for any type of pest is an important investment for the health and well-being of your home and family.  Contact Allison Pest Control today for expert pest control services.