A Stinky Pest That Keeps On Stinking

The leaves are beginning to change and the weather is becoming cooler.  Fall used to be the time of pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and the thrill of the upcoming holiday season.  In the past few years however, New Jersey residents have something new to look forward to as autumn creeps forward…the brown marmorated stink bug.

The stink bug receives it name because of the pungent stench that it emits when startled, shooed, and definitely when squished.  These Asian invaders to US soil have multiplied out-of-control since their arrival in the 1990’s.  Now New Jersey residents report stink bugs by the hundreds covering their windows, screens, decks, doors, and siding.  They are especially noticeable on warm, but not hot, sides of homes or businesses.

The brown marmorated stink bug is not a threat to people, pets, or structures. They do not bite, nor do they damage wood as termites or carpenter ants would do.  Instead these stink pests come in mass to homes looking for a safe place to overwinter.  Not native to the United States, stink bugs cannot withstand the cold temperatures of winter.  Stink bugs will wiggle their way under siding seeking refuge under insulation.  They will creep into attics via eves and attic vents.  In many cases they will also work their way indoors to find a cozy place to wait out the winter chill.  Behind baseboards, in furniture, under carpet, in cabinets, in knick-knacks, and behind picture frames are favorite hiding places for these pests.  They will also find their way behind electrical outlets and live in the walls cozying up in the insulation.

Their continued increase in numbers makes these invasive pests hard to control.   Monmouth County, NJ pest control experts can help to keep these pests out of your home and control the pests that have made it indoors.  Call Allison Pest Control today for help with stink bugs.