Will Cockroaches Bite Me? Part 1 Of 2

Cockroaches are considered to be dirty insects report pest control professionals in Ocean Country, NJ.  When you think about what cockroaches crawl through and what they are attracted to, it’s easy to understand why so many people find them to be disgusting bugs.  Cockroaches are omnivores, which mean that they will consume just about anything that crosses their path…both plant and animal matter.  Most people worry about cockroaches getting into food sources, and for good reason.  Cockroaches are known for spreading terrible diseases because of the surfaces that they cross and the items that they consume which often make humans sick.

Cockroaches typically rely on humans for poor house cleaning habits as their means of survival.  Add into the fact that some people do not engage in proper cockroach elimination tactics, and it’s easy to see how cockroaches can thrive and multiply out-of-control in human habitats.

There have been reports of cockroaches eating dead human flesh.  Although not always wide-spread, cockroaches have been known to bite live humans from time to time as well.  Live babies and small children have also been targeted by creepy cockroaches as they are always on the hunt for an easy meal source.  Eyelashes, fingernails, around the mouth, and the hands and feet have been the chosen spots for cockroaches to nibble on live human flesh.  It is believed by pest control professionals in Ocean Country, NJ that the young ones are more targeted as they are more likely to have food remnants under their fingernails or on their fingers which might be of interest for a scavenging cockroach.

Please check back on Friday for the conclusion.