Ants Can Scare Away Home Buyers

In today’s home selling market, homeowners must be mindful of every aspect of their home that will detract from the overall salability of the home.  When your home is placed for sale on the market, you do not want an unsightly trail of ants making their way indoors, lest you scare potential buyers away.

Depending on the time of year, cold weather, hot weather, or rainy weather can drive ants to come marching in in droves.  Ants are considered to be the #1 pest in the United States.  There are many different species of ants, and each type may be on the hunt for a different substance once they enter a structure.

Understanding why ants enter a home is the first step in battling these pesky creatures.  For ant, our homes are a place of refuge.  It is a place where they can find shelter from the elements if need be.  More importantly, when necessary, homes provide amble food and water sources which ants are always on the hunt for.

Ants first begin to enter the home in small amounts.  A couple “scouts” may or may not be seen crawling across the floor, wall, ceiling, carpet, door, window, etc.  Inside of a home, ants look for bits of proteins, carbohydrates, sweets, or water.  Once located, the ants release a pheromone trail that humans cannot detect, but other ants can easily detect.  The pheromone trail tells other ants to come inside to remove the desired material to bring back to the nest.

Store bought pesticides may temporarily slow ants down slightly, but they will not get rid of them permanently.  Only a licensed pest control expert from Ocean County, NJ keep your home ant free.