Do You Know What Is Buzzing In Your Garden?

When you are outside working in the garden or mowing the lawn and you suddenly have something buzzing at your face or ear, the natural reaction is to swat it away for fear that it will deliver a painful sting.  Many buzzing insects do indeed sting, but most of the time you will become under attack when you accidentally disturb a colony.

Honeybees, yellow jackets, paper wasps, hornets, and sometimes bumblebees do not like to be disturbed by humans or pets.  Yellow jackets are by far the most aggressive species of social wasps.  Often times without any provocation, yellow jackets will emerge from their underground nest when they believe their colony is being threatened.

Many adults throughout the United States are stung repeatedly while mowing the grass each year.  The vibration that a lawn mower creates is enough to drive hundreds of yellow jackets out in full-force ready to defend their territory.  Children playing in the yard or curious pets have also fallen prey to these aggressive creatures.  The only way to escape the painful stings of pursuing yellow jackets is to run…far and fast.  Pest control professionals in Ocean Country, NJ warn residents that they should never jump into water to escape yellow jackets as they are very intelligent and will simply hover over-head and continue the sting-fest once a person emerges for air.

Yellow jacket stings are not only painful they are dangerous to those who are allergic to bee stings, and to those who are not.  It is recommended that people who receive 10 or more stings, or have excessive symptoms from the stings, seek medical attention immediately.

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