NJ Earwigs Explained

Pest control experts in Ocean County, NJ receive many calls about the abundance of earwigs found in NJ.  These opposing looking insects mostly exist outdoors, but will not hesitate to invade indoor structures if the outdoor conditions are not hospitable.

There are over 1500 different species of earwigs that have been identified.  Most species have wings, but many do not fly.  Of those that do fly, you will usually only find them airborne in short bursts as they are not very agile.

Earwigs look like a formidable pest as they have forceps (pinchers).  The pinchers are mainly used for defense against other insects.  They will also lift them up and use them if they are picked up or agitated.   There is no stinger or venom associated with an earwig.  The pinch of the forceps can be painful, but it rarely breaks the skin, even when pinched by a very large earwig.

Earwigs prefer to live outdoors as their main food source is live or decaying vegetation.  They live under mulch, under stones, under landscape timbers, and in decaying vegetation.  Unlike termites, ants, bees, and wasps, there is not queen, workers, or a colony of earwigs that exist.  Earwigs are solitary creatures.

Even though earwigs do not hurt people, they can be annoying when their population numbers are high, especially if they enter your home.  Earwigs are also known to cause damage to healthy plants that become part of their dinner menu.

A pest control professional in Ocean County, NJ will be able to help control earwigs around your home.  Our website contains a list of insects that cause trouble for home and business owners.  Stop by to see if you recognize any creeping around.