Oh…Those Stink Bugs Really Stink!

Many people in New Jersey and throughout other parts of the eastern United States have been complaining for months about the stink bugs that seem to have decided to set up shop and not leave without a fight. These odorous pests were accidentally introduced to Pennsylvania over ten years ago and have been causing trouble ever since.  Stink bugs are easily identifiable.  They can grow to about 3/4 of an inch long and have a distinctive shield shaped body that is gray or dull brown.

The good new is that stink bugs don’t bite and are not harmful to humans; but they are just considered a nuisance pest. For the most part they live outdoors.  When the cooler fall day’s approach, these pests will be on the hunt for a warm place to spend the winter months.

Stink bugs are considered an agricultural pest of fruit trees, shade trees, vegetables, and other landscaping.  Stink bugs cause damage by piercing plants to feed, which causes a pathway for disease.

Stink bugs do not fly very well.  In our house, when they come inside, one of their most annoying habits is that they tend to fly into our heads!  If you find them inside the home, you can easily grab one with a tissue to dispose of it.  It is recommended that you flush the stinky offender down the toilet instead of squishing it or vacuuming it unless you would like to smell the stink bug in all its glory.

Stink bugs have very little natural predators. It’s important to your keep stink bugs under control so that they will not be able to move inside once the cooler months arrive.  These unwelcome house guests will overwinter indoors in wall voids.  Once the following spring arrives, stink bugs will emerge from their nests and you will have a difficult time ridding your home of them.  Call Allison Pest Control if you need help keeping the odorous stink bug out of your home or garden.