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Prevent Rodent Infestations in Your NJ Home This Winter

Are Rats In Your Home
Prevent Rodent Infestations

As cold temperatures hit the area, rats and mice look for shelter in houses and other residential buildings. These rodent pests are small enough to slip through gaps in your home’s exterior, where they can then make a nest inside your walls.

Rats and mice are known to carry some serious diseases, which makes it important keep them out of your home or call our Freehold Township pest control office if you’ve seen any. Some of the diseases they can spread include Salmonella and rat-bite fever. Rodents can also chew on wiring inside your home, increasing the risk of fires and structural damage. You can help keep these pests from getting into your home by taking the following steps:

  • Keep food sealed up in airtight containers to avoid attracting rodents.
  • Close up gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior with caulking or other materials to prevent rats and mice from getting through them.
  • Place screens on chimney openings, or check existing screens for signs of damage and replace them if needed.
  • Get rid of excess moisture in your basement and attic to keep rodents away.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes so that they’re not growing right next to your home’s exterior.

Don’t let rats or mice put your family’s health at risk. Contact our Freehold Township pest control experts for help getting rid of them. At Allison Pest Control, we offer safe and dependable rodent control services.


What You Should Know About Eastern Subterranean Termites

Winter Does Not Stop TErmites
Subterranean Termites

If you’ve ever noticed a bunch of termites swarming around your home, that’s a good indication that you have an infestation. These wood-eating insects are a common problem that our Toms River NJ pest control company deals with. These termites, which are known as Eastern Subterranean Termites, burrow in the ground, but they can make their way inside buildings.

Eastern Subterranean Termites can gain access to homes and businesses through small cracks in foundations or crawl spaces. They can also enter attics by climbing over tree limbs. Once they get inside, they proceed to chew through wood, which can have disastrous consequences.

Termites can cause dangerous and expensive structural damage to buildings and ruin insulation. You can identify these pests by their dark brown color and slender, elongated shape, which makes them resemble flying ants.

Although there are different termite castes in each colony, you’re most likely to see swarmers when you find these pests in your home. Soldiers, workers and other castes typically remain in the ground. If you’ve seen Eastern Subterranean Termites in or around your home, having them removed as soon as possible is essential in order to lower the risk of damage to your property.

Don’t give Eastern Subterranean Termites a chance to damage your home. Contact our Toms River NJ pest control company right away for prompt and reliable service.


Watch Out for These Winter Pests in NJ

Are Rats In Your Home
Pests Move In For Winter

As the weather gets colder, certain kinds of pests seek shelter indoors. During summer, spiders and other pests typically stay outdoors where they have access to a steady supply of food. The colder weather makes it harder for them to stay safe from the elements and find enough to eat, leading them to make their way into NJ homes.

Our Spring Lake pest control company handles several types of indoor pest infestations in winter. These pests are usually able to find a way into residences through tiny cracks in the exterior. After they get inside, they can end up making a home for themselves and causing property damage or health hazards for homeowners.

Millipedes, spiders and other insect pests can be hard to find, especially if they typically prefer living in dark areas. While getting rid of one or two of these pests usually isn’t a problem, keep in mind that there can be several others around your home.

If you suspect that you have a bug infestation this winter, it’s important to have them removed professionally. This helps ensure that they’re completely gone and reduces the risk of them causing problems, such as bites or damage to your home.

If you’re dealing with rodents, bugs or other indoor pests this winter, contact our Spring Lake pest control company for help. At Allison Pest Control, we’ll rid your home of winter pests.

Top Winter Pests Coming Our Way in Several Months

Winter Brings All The Pests InWinter is fast approaching and it’s time to hunker down and get ready for the onslaught of the winter bug and pest invasion.

It happens every year. While some pesky pests go into hibernation, others will be scouting out new winter accommodations and your home is at the top of the list.

Be prepared and aware by keeping an eye open to some of the pests you don’t want settling in for the winter.

Rodents and Wildlife

Rats and mice like dark, undisturbed places to nest. They can fit through the smallest of openings, and once they have access, can do significant damage to wiring and drywall. Like squirrels, they love to gnaw which can lead to dangerous situations.

Raccoons are larger pests that enter a home through openings or a chimney that isn’t protected with a mesh covering. They’ll make their way to the attic where they’ll make their den.

German Cockroaches

They need food and moisture and your home has both readily available.

Brown Recluse Spiders

These creepy crawlies can live in your home in undisturbed areas like crawl spaces, stored boxes in the attic, or closets that aren’t used frequently. Their bite is venomous.

Before winter rolls in full strength, call us at Allison Pest Control and let us set up a free home inspection. We have the team and the talent to make sure you don’t have unwanted guests this winter.

Watch Out for These Winter Pests

Winter Pests
Winter Pests

Pests in your home or business during the winter months can be frustrating. If you are not certain just how bad your pest problem is, here are common unwelcome guests may be taking advantage of your warm home or business environment.

Mice and Rodents

Rodents like rats and mice will seek out any source of food during the winter months, often finding their way into homes or businesses. Droppings are a clear indication of rodent activity but their movement may or may not go detected. Keeping all food products sealed and safely stored away is an effective way to discourage these pests from entering your property.

Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are a problem all year long, they tend to resurface during the holiday season when family travel is at an all time high. The sheer volume of traffic households and businesses across America sees is an open invitation for bed bugs to find new habitats.

Squirrels, Birds and More

Some animals like raccoons, birds, cats, squirrels or other creatures will find their way into your attic or garage area in search of heat or food. If these animals have been cause a headache for you, contact a local company that specializes in humane trapping practices for more unconventional pests.

If you are looking for the best NJ pest control services, get in touch with a member of our experienced professionals at Allison Pest today.

New Jersey Winters Do Not Stop Termites

Winter Does Not Stop TErmites
Winter Does Not Stop TErmites

Subterranean termites, happily the only termites native to New Jersey, live below ground. Sadly, their dirty dens don’t prevent them from coming above ground, both to breed and also to snack on the structure of your home by entering through small cracks in the foundation.

Hoping the cold winter weather will send these pests into submission? Think again.
Though most visible in the warmer months, particularly during the spring swarming season, subterranean termite colonies are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year –  even through the winter – making them one of the more difficult termite species to control.

How do they survive?
Subterranean termites retreat deep into their underground world for warmth when ground soil is frozen, however they can also remain active within a structure if it is heated – such as your home.

Winter activity
As snow melts in the late winter and early spring, termite emerge, building mud tunnels up and into your home in search of food. This slight warming of weather also creates a prime opportunity for termite swarms within the home.

Don’t let termites contribute to your winter blues. Contact Allison today. Even in the winter, we are busy performing termite inspections and free pest ID service calls. Call us at 1-800-564-4585 and we’ll be right out to find out what’s bugging you! With over 5,000 local homes and businesses being serviced by the team at Allison Pest Control, you’ll know that you will be in good hands when your property is treated by our professional and knowledgeable pest control service technicians.