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  • There’s a 20% Chance You’ll Have Termites This Year

    No homeowner wants to admit that termites are a possibility, but the fact is that one in five NJ homes have these pests. That means you have a 20 percent chance of having a termite infestation this year. Eastern Subterranean Termites One of the most common types of termites to invade NJ homes is the […]

  • Termites Use Sound to Protect Themselves from Ant Enemies

    Termites and ants keep pest control companies in New Jersey busy throughout the year, but these pests certainly don’t work together. In fact, termites and ants have been enemies for ages. However, blind termites have been known to forage close to ant nests. How do they get away with it? Researchers have shed some light […]

  • Termites: An Unwelcome New Jersey House Guest

    Termites are one of the main reasons that residents seek help from pest control companies in New Jersey. These pests do tremendous damage to homes in a relatively short amount of time thanks to their wood-destroying habits. As a homeowner, it’s important for you to know as much as possible about these pests. Signs of […]

  • Australian Team Studies Termites’ Weird Head Banging Behavior

    Termites are among the worst of pests, and they give pest control companies in New Jersey plenty to do. Although termites can wreak havoc on residential buildings, they exhibit some fascinating behaviors, as some researchers have recently discovered. Soft Footsteps Ants are the main predators that termites have to worry about. As a result, termites […]

  • NJ Termite Treatment Options – Know Before You Buy

    Termites don’t need a lot of time to do a considerable amount of damage to your NJ home. If you have reason to believe that you have these pests in your home, it’s time to start looking into NJ termite control. There are different kinds of termite treatment options available. Being familiar with each kind […]

  • Why Are Termite Infestations Discovered in March through May?

    When it comes to termites, homeowners have a lot of questions about these pesky pests such what do termites look like, how to know if they’ve invaded their home, what to do to remove the problem, and whether treatments are harmful to family and pets. About Termites Termite infestations are most often discovered from March […]