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  • Three Things You Didn’t Know About Stink Bugs

    When it comes to stink bugs, you probably know what they look like and not much else. Here are some more stink bug fun facts: They are in Demand! While there is no shortage of stink bugs in the wild, the University of Maryland lost their entire colony to a strange virus. The Department of […]

  • Can We Ever Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

    If you’ve seen some odd-looking brown bugs with a shield-shaped body in or around your home, you’ve got stinkbugs. Brown marmorated stinkbugs have been slowly but surely invading more and more states after coming over to the US from Asia in the mid 1990s. Stinkbugs were first reported in Allentown, PA, but they’ve managed to […]

  • Five Fun Facts About Stink Bugs

    You might think that a name like stink bugs tells you everything you need to know about this pest. But as with most living creatures, there’s more to their story. Brown marmorated stink bugs are native to the Far East countries of Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. They’ve been growing in numbers since they first allegedly […]

  • Homemade Stink Bug Trap Hits the Market

    Don’t let this season’s hard-won spring be tainted with the foul odor of stink bugs. There is a new, inexpensive, effective, and pesticide-free stink bug solution to liberate your home of these invasive, smelly pests. All it takes is a roasting pan, dish soap, and a light. Fill a disposable foil roasting pan with water […]

  • Stink Bugs Beginning to Emerge in Monmouth County, NJ

    If you had trouble with stink bugs in the fall, get ready for another onslaught of these thumbnail-size insects. Warmer weather is causing stink bugs to emerge from their overwintering hiding places. Monmouth County, NJ residents can expect to start finding these insects sitting on walls or crawling across floors as they seek a way […]

  • Stink Bugs…A No Good Stinky Pest

    As the cold weather begins to approach New Jersey, some types of pests will be looking for a place to bed down for the winter.  Some of these uninvited guests will be obnoxious and some you will barely know that they have arrived. Insects such as ladybugs and boxelder bugs will use your New Jersey […]