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  • What to Do When Squirrels Move In with You

    Squirrels are known for entering houses through attics and other entry points and making themselves at home. These pests build nests inside walls or in attics, where they usually end up having a couple of litters each year. Squirrels can cause significant damage to homes when they dig through walls and other structures. They can […]

  • You’re Not Imagining It, Black Squirrels Thrive in New Jersey

    If you haven’t seen a black squirrel in your neck of the woods, keep your eyes peeled. They are the melanistic or “black” version of the common gray squirrel, and they are some of the prettiest, funniest acting and unique looking squirrels around. Indigenous to the Northeast These squirrels are fairly common to the northeastern […]

  • Tell Me: What Squirrels Live in New Jersey?

    The Garden State has more engineers and scientists per square mile than any other place on earth, according to the New Jersey State Society. Even New Jersey’s squirrels are smart. They notice the heat radiating from your home and know it can provide warmth and protection for them during the winter months. Here is bit […]

  • Squirrel Poop 101 – The Key to Identification

    What kind of rodent poop is littering your attic? It pays to know for effective pest eradication – and for preventing the transmission of diseases via that funky feces. Differentiate the dung The most common attic offenders are the red and gray squirrel. Appearance Squirrel dung typically looks like a smattering of wild rice, as […]

  • Little Known Facts About Squirrels

    Though pesky when infiltrating areas to which they don’t belong, squirrels are nonetheless fascinating creatures. Did you know… Squirrels are rodents of the genus Sciurus and large family Sciuridae, which includes chipmunks, marmots, and prairie dogs. Groups of squirrels are called “scurries.” There are 1,650 species of squirrel, which typically possess a large bushy tail, […]

  • The Care and Feeding of Attic Squirrels – Just Kidding

    The Care and Feeding of Attic Squirrels – Just Kidding When your friends and family start to wonder about the squirrel colony you’ve got thriving in your attic, or you’ve started giving each one a name based solely on the unique sound it makes running across your bedroom ceiling at 3 a.m., it may be […]