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  • Spider Management – Keep the Good, Get Rid of the Bad

    Occasionally, Freehold exterminators get called to exterminate spider infestations that have gone completely out of control. Spiders can be a nuisance and even a menace at times. If you have a spider infestation in your home, it’s important to know how to control it. By doing a little bit of work, you can prevent these […]

  • Learn More About Spiders Commonly Found in New Jersey

    Spiders. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, spin webs, and are super fast when skittering across a surface. On top of that, they look menacing and other worldly, and can make a grown person cringe. There are around 50,000 spider types in the world and Allison Pest Control NJ takes care of handling […]

  • Smithsonian Loves NJ Residents’ Jumping Spider Image

    Some pests have a photogenic and magnetic personality. So it is with jumping spiders. Recently this tiny spider was photographed by NJ resident, Barbara Storm, who submitted a picture of the spider perched on a begonia pedal to the 13th annual Smithsonian photo contest. According to Ms. Storm, the jumping spider lives in the backyard […]

  • Nearly 100 Species of Pest May Live in Your Home

    How many creepy crawlies are sharing your home? A recent study by of 50 houses in the Raleigh area by researchers from North Carolina State University, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and the California Academy of Sciences is amazing Monmouth County pest control experts. What did they find? More than 500 different kinds […]

  • New Jersey Black Widow Spiders and Their Bites

    The most venomous spider on the continent can be found right here in New Jersey: the black widow. These scary arachnids can produce venom 15 times as poisonous as a rattlesnake, causing severe pain and sometimes worse symptoms ranging from difficulty breathing to paralysis or even death. New Jersey residents encounter black widows often enough […]

  • Why “Bug Bombs” Are Bad For Your Health

    “Bug bombs”, otherwise known as “total release foggers” are used to kill off a wide variety of creepy critters in homes and businesses across the US. Ants, cockroaches, spiders, and flying insects die when directly exposed to the pesticide that is released. Some people have tried in vain to kill bed bugs in their home […]