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  • How Do Sub-Zero Temperatures Impact Rats and Mice?

    Temperatures in the NJ area can get bitterly cold during winter. Does this mean that you can expect fewer rats and mice around? Unfortunately, you might actually have a bigger chance of dealing with them and needing Monmouth County rodent control in winter. Rodents and Cold Temperatures Rats and mice aren’t built to handle severely […]

  • How Small Can They Get? 6mm-Mice Can Get Into Just About Anything!

    ‘Tis the season for mice and other rodents to venture inside New Jersey homes. You don’t want a mouse in your house, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Did you know that there could be several mouse entry points all around your house? You’re probably not even aware of how small their little bodies can become. The […]

  • Rats vs. Mice, What’s the Difference?

    Mice and rats are among the most common types of pests that invade homes in NJ. In fact, these rodents keep pest control companies in Freehold busy, especially when it’s cold outside. You might find rats or mice in your home during winter, since they like to stay where it’s warm. This means that it’s […]

  • The Trouble With Mice – What to Know to Be Safe

    Mice might seem like cute critters, but they’re not good to have inside your home. These rodent pests can cause a lot of trouble, ranging from fire hazards to structural damage to serious illnesses. It’s important to learn more about mice, so you can stay safe and know when it’s time to call your pest […]

  • Rodent Populations Grow Astronomically in US Cities

    After years of declines in the rat populations of major cities, it seems rodents are starting to make a comeback in a big way. Our team at Allison Pest Control has seen what rats can do first-hand and we know what needs to be done to take care of the problem. What Causes a Population […]

  • Three Big Problems Mice Can Cause

    To some, mice might seem like adorable little critters that won’t do much harm in your home, but there’s a reason why homeowners seek NJ mouse control services. These small rodents can cause a number of problems. The sooner you deal with a mouse infestation, the lower your risk is of having these problems. Health […]