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Hantaviruses – A Dangerous Encounter

Hantaviruses are a group of viruses that are carried by various rodents, specifically, rats and mice.  Unfortunately contacting a Hantavirus is quite easy for humans and should be avoided.

Hantaviruses can be found in the saliva, urine, and droppings of rodents.  Humans become exposed to these dangerous viruses by accidentally inhaling the contaminated dust that is created when rodent droppings or nests are being removed, cleaned, or accidentally disturbed.  Often times, people become infected with a virus when they are working or living in a rodent infested setting without realizing that the area has a rodent infestation problem.

There is no sure way to tell how long Hantaviruses are infectious within a particular environment as there are many different variables to take into consideration when dealing with rodent droppings.  Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, sun exposure, as well as whether the droppings are found indoors or are outdoors all affects the length of time that the virus is active and dangerous.  Even the rodent’s diet affects the chemistry of the urine, so all rodent droppings should always be considered unsafe to handle.  Pest control specialists are trained to deal with risky ongoing rodent infestations, rodent urine, and droppings to eliminate a person’s risk to dangerous Hantaviruses.

The best way to avoid becoming ill is to keep rodents out of your home or workplace.  Windows, doors, gaps in foundations, attic vents, and unsealed pipes are all easy places for unwanted rodents to gain access indoors. 

Exclusion of rodents should include sealing any cracks or crevices that are larger than ¼ of an inch.  The basic rule of thumb to follow is that if a rodent can fit its head into a space, it will be able to squeeze its body into the space as well.

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Are Mice Getting You Down?

The mouse is considered one of the most troublesome furry pests in the United States.  They are very resilient pests and can live and thrive under a variety of conditions.  Mice can be found in homes, businesses and farms.

Mice are not afraid to live among humans and crave the food, water, and shelter that we provide them.  Although they prefer to eat grains, they will eat any type of food that crosses their path.  Their sharp teeth allow them to easily tear into many types of human or pet packaged food sources.  Once they gain entry into food sources, their feces and urine cause contamination as their excrement contains bacterium that causes food poisoning.

Mice constantly gnaw on surfaces to grind down their always growing incisors.  It is not uncommon for mice to gnaw through electrical wires which could cause a fire.  Their gnawing can also cause damage to structures and personal property.

A mouse has a good sense of hearing, smell, touch and taste.  Unlike a rat, they are not afraid of venturing into unknown spaces in homes and businesses.  Mice are very adept at climbing and have no trouble running up a vertical surface.  They can jump up about 13 inches from the floor to a flat surface, and can squeeze into cracks as small as a pencil diameter, so virtually no space is off limits to these pests.

Mice are prolific breeders.  One female can produce up to 10 litters of babies in her 9 to 12 months of life.  You can expect that each littler will have about 5 or 6 young, so it’s easy to see why just one mouse can cause a serious infestation problem in a short period of time.

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Camel Back Crickets Will Creep You Out

Camel back crickets are known by different names.  Sometimes called cave crickets or spider crickets, these creatures are not a pest you want to have around your house.  Reproducing very quickly, camel back crickets thrive in damp, cave like environments.  Basements and crawl spaces are perfect places for them to set up house.  Camel back crickets can live undetected in a home for a long period of time because the dark damp environment provides ample food and water for their colony to grow.  Once you have a good size infestation on your hands, camel back crickets will begin to emerge from the nest.  Homeowners in New Jersey and other parts of the United States can expect to see these scary insects invade their living quarters once the camel back cricket nest becomes overcrowded.

In basements and crawl spaces, camel back crickets feed on mold and fungus.  Left untreated in your home, they will cause considerable damage feasting on anything that is made of fabric.  Regardless of if it is synthetic or man-made fabrics, nothing is of limits to this damage causing pest.  Once your have camel back crickets living around the exterior of your home or business, you can expect them to move to the interior as the summertime heat sets in.

Many people find camel back crickets creepy and mistake them being a large spider instead of a cricket.  Camel back crickets have strange hairy looking antenna that make them intimidating looking.  Unlike every other type of bug, these crazy insects tend to jump toward you, rather than run away from you.  It is believed that they do this because of their poor vision, not because they are in attack mode.  Despite being scary to encounter, camel back crickets are actually harmless to humans as they do not bite or sting.

Leaving a camel back cricket infestation untreated is also an invitation to other unwanted household pests.  Rats and mice find camel back crickets to be a delicious treat and will pursue a New Jersey infestation.

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