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  • NJ Pantry Pests – A Pest That Knows No Season

    It’s tempting to breathe a sigh of relief now that the colder weather is upon us. If you’ve dealt with pantry pests during the spring or summer months, you may be looking forward to a reprieve. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to get one. There are pests that really don’t mind if it’s cold outside because […]

  • Pantry Pests Make a Comeback in Monmouth County, New Jersey

    Flies and ants are usually considered common kitchen pests, but there are other pests that NJ homeowners should be aware of. Pantry pests, which can invade food supplies, are making a comeback in NJ. These pests aren’t a health threat to humans, but they can cause significant damage to food supplies stored in pantries and […]

  • What Are Pantry Pests and How Are They Controlled?

    Pantry pests are those that go after the food that’s in your kitchen and pantry, just as their name suggests. There are different types of pantry pests that you need to look out for, but it’s important to note that sometimes these pests can be present without your awareness. It’s helpful to know that Freehold […]

  • Rodent Populations Grow Astronomically in US Cities

    After years of declines in the rat populations of major cities, it seems rodents are starting to make a comeback in a big way. Our team at Allison Pest Control has seen what rats can do first-hand and we know what needs to be done to take care of the problem. What Causes a Population […]

  • Indian Meal Moths Are Common Pantry Pest

    With creamy white wings banded with colorful stripes of copper, red, tan and charcoal gray, Indian meal moths are an attractive insect. But don’t let their appearance fool you, finding these small moths fluttering about your Monmouth County or Ocean County, NJ kitchen or garage means trouble. One of the most common home pantry pests […]

  • Pantry Pests Can Spoil Your Holiday Baking

    The holiday season will soon be under way and people from coast to coast will dust off those favored family recipes that only tend to appear at this time of year. Sweets like cookies, cakes, chocolates, and pies are an essential part of decorating the holiday dessert table. Lurking in the confines of pantries near […]