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  • What Are Ants Eating in My Spotless Kitchen?

    According to PestWorld.org, ants are America’s number one nuisance pest. They frequently get into your home through the tiniest of crevices, and even though you might be considering calling Freehold exterminators to get rid of them, what you’d really like to know is why are they attracted to your kitchen when you try to keep […]

  • There’s Nothing Sweet About New Jersey ‘Sweet’ Ants

    They’re called “sweet” ants because they emit a nauseatingly sweet rotten coconut odor when they’re crushed; but if odorous house ants  invade your New Jersey home, experienced Monmouth County NJ ant extermination professionals warn that you’ll find the experience more sour than sweet. Odorous house ants have become the most common and most difficult to […]

  • The Odorous House Ant…Stinky And Annoying

    The odorous house ant is also known as the coconut ant or the stink ant.  These pests are appropriately named due to the stink that they emit when they are crushed.  The odorous house ant is very pesky and difficult to eradicate once it invades a human dwelling report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators. On the […]

  • Odorous House Ants…The 24 Hour Pest

    Their technical name is “Tapinoma sessile” but most people just know them as an annoying ant that can survive both inside and out.  The “odorous house ant” comes by its name with good reason because of the stench it emits when you squish it.  Doing so will reward you with a whiff of rotting coconuts. […]

  • The Odorous House Ant…A Yearly Battle

    The slightest bit of warmth has brought hoards of pesky odorous house ants to the earth’s surface once again.  They arrive seemingly from nowhere.  Outdoors, massive amounts can be found while homeowners are gardening report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  Their colonies exist in mulch piles, under slabs of cement, in firewood, in piles […]

  • It Is Important To Follow A Pest Control Professional Instructions

    Pesticide application in a home or business should be handled with the greatest of care.  Many home and business owners have tried to take on the task of treating their own pest problems only to discover that the store bought pesticide were ineffective.  Some people who have tried pest control treatments on their own have […]