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EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement
EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

Warmer winters have led to an increase in rat populations, which has led to city governments taking steps to address this problem. However, the methods they’re using have come under fire from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Dry Ice in Big Cities

New York, Chicago, Boston and other big cities have tried using dry ice to keep rat populations under control. While this method might help in some cases, it isn’t approved by the EPA. In fact, the agency announced that using dry ice for rodent control is against federal guidelines, since it hasn’t been registered with the EPA.

Importance of EPA Approval

The EPA helps ensure that methods of pest control used for rodents are safe and don’t put the public and the environment at risk. Using a method that hasn’t been approved by the EPA means that these cities could be risking the health of residents and the environment.

NJ Pest Control

Residents in NJ who are dealing with larger rat populations around their homes shouldn’t attempt to use dry ice. Instead, they should rely on dependable NJ pest control services to get rid of these pests. This helps keep people safe while also eliminating their rodent problem.

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Is There a Pizza Rat In Your Neighborhood?

The Pizza Rat
The Pizza Rat

The “Pizza Rat” rose to Internet fame after a video of a rat trying to carry a slice of pizza down subway steps in New York City surfaced. During the short video, the rat attempts to drag the entire slice to the bottom of the steps. While Pizza Rat has inspired tons of online comments and even Halloween costumes, the video shows the failed efforts of the city to handle its rat problem.

The NYC budget includes $2.9 million for reducing the city’s rat infestations, but these stubborn pests haven’t been easy to eradicate. Despite the removal of garbage cans in areas with high rat populations to cut down on food sources for these pests, their numbers have continued to grow.

Rats have been breeding and increasing their population, which is making it harder to effectively get rid of them. The city offers them several ideal places to live, including subway tunnels, empty properties and sewers.

Since these critters can be a public health hazard by spreading disease, it’s important for the city to step up its efforts to control their populations or come with more effective ways of reducing their numbers. Otherwise, there could be several more Pizza Rat videos popping up.

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