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Ants Inside and Rain – There Is a Connection

Ants Actions Correlate with Weather. When it's Wet Outside, you May get Some Unwelcome Visitors!
Ants Actions Correlate with Weather. When it’s Wet Outside, you May get Some Unwelcome Visitors!

Many species of ants in NJ do just fine living outdoors and building nests in the ground or in other areas outside. However, rainy weather can force these pests to enter residential buildings. Find out more about the connection between an increase in rainy weather and a higher chance of having an indoor ant problem for our Monmouth County pest control technicians to handle.

Warmth and Shelter

Rainy weather during fall can end up destroying ant nests in the ground. In some cases, heavy rains can flood tunnels that ants have built in their colonies, which causes them to look elsewhere for a warm, dry place to stay during the winter months. One of the easiest places for ants to go is inside homes, since they can fit through even the smallest gaps and other openings in a home’s exterior.

Food Sources

An increase in rain can also make it harder for ants to find food in their usual outdoor spots. When ants have difficulty locating food, they tend to head indoors where they can easily find crumbs and other food sources in kitchens, cupboards and pantries. If they find plenty of food sources, they’re likely to settle in.

If you have an ant problem this winter, you can count on our Monmouth County pest control technicians for help. Call Allison Pest Control to get more information on our services for NJ homeowners.

News Flash: Mosquitoes and the West Nile Disease

Invasive Insects Are Moving Into New Jersey
Invasive Insects Are Moving Into New Jersey

It’s that time of year when mosquitoes come out in full force and will probably require NJ pest control services to keep them under control. In addition to leaving itchy bites and welts, these pests can pose another risk. They can transmit West Nile virus to people through their bites.

Mild Cases

West Nile virus is an illness that usually doesn’t present any noticeable symptoms. Roughly one in five of those who have this illness might experience a fever, rash and flu-like symptoms, such as joint pain, headaches, vomiting and diarrhea. Most cases of West Nile virus get better on their own, although fatigue can linger for several weeks.

Serious Cases

West Nile virus isn’t always a serious illness, but it can cause neurological symptoms in some people. These symptoms include headache, a stiff neck and high fever that can develop into paralysis, coma or seizures without prompt treatment. In some cases, the effects of these symptoms can be permanent.

It’s important to lower your risk of West Nile virus by keeping mosquito populations on your property under control. Keep in mind that these insects can also carry other diseases, including Zika and heart worm disease, which can put your pets at risk.

If you have a mosquito problem on your property, Allison Pest Control can help. Our NJ pest control services can help lower your risk of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

What You Need to Know About Ants, One of Our Most Common NJ Summertime Pests

All You Need to Know About Ant Identification Is Right Here!
All You Need to Know About Ant Identification Is Right Here!

Ants, one of the most common pests you will find during the summer, are also one of the least understood by people. Ants actually live in a complex social structure which allows them to exist throughout the world.

Social Structure

All ants in a colony will fall into one of three roles, a worker, a male or a queen. Workers are sterile females that bring food into the colony and they are the ones that infiltrate homes that result in Monmouth County ant control.

Coloring and Size

Ants come in a variety of colors, including multiple shades of brown, yellow, red and black. Average ant size ranges from 1/20th of an inch to about 1/2″ inch.


Ants can create living spaces in an assortment of material, including soil, decaying wood and under baseboards and countertops. Carpenter ants are notorious for building nests under floorboards and behind walls.


Depending on the variety of ant, the food they are partial to eating ranges from meat to starches to sweet and even fat.


The Carpenter ant causes physical damage to a home’s structure because they chew wood and use it to create their nests. Smaller ants like the Thief ant and the Pharaoh ant are an annoyance but do not cause damage.

Are ants invading your territory? Our Monmouth County ant control specialists will determine the type of ant and remove them from your home.

303 Species of Insects Make Their Home in New Jersey What Are They?

Common Insects that Want to Call Your Place Home
Common Insects that Want to Call Your Place Home

While ants and termites are among the main reasons that NJ residents need Monmouth County pest control services, there are hundreds of other insects in the state. While some of these are considered beneficial to have around, others are considered pests. Some of these pests can increase the risk of health problems, while others can cause damage to homes.

These are some of the insect species found in NJ:

• Bees and ants: NJ has more than 30 species of bees and ants, including American bumble bees, baldfaced hornets, carpenter ants, Eastern carpenter bees, formica ants, honey bees, paper wasps, red pavement ants, sweat bees and yellow jackets.

• Beetles: NJ has more than 50 types of beetles, including acorn weevils, Asian multicolored lady beetles, broad-necked root borers, emerald ash borers, Japanese beetles, May beetles, red oak borers and soldier beetles.

• Butterflies and moths: More than 50 types make their home in NJ, including American lady butterflies, black swallowtails, giant leopard moths, luna moths and monarch butterflies.

• Other bugs: NJ is also home to several other bug species, including bed bugs, aphids, giant water bugs, green stink bugs, oak treehoppers, wheel bugs and yucca plant bugs.

No matter what type of insect pest you have in your NJ home, it’s important to contact our Monmouth County pest control experts. Allison Pest Control has the experience and equipment needed to handle all kinds of bug infestations.