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Stink Bugs – They Emerge in the Spring but Are a Nuisance in the Fall

New Jersey Stink Bugs are Back!
New Jersey Stink Bugs are Back!

Certain pests manage to be a problem in both spring and fall. Stink bugs are one of the pests that Monmouth County pest control experts typically deal with. This invasive species, known as the brown marmorated stink bug, can become a big nuisance during fall as they gather on buildings looking for places to spend the colder part of the year.

Stink Bug Description

How do you know if you have a stink bug problem? If you see brown bugs with a shield-shaped body on the outside of your home, these are stink bugs. You might only see a few, or you could see dozens as temperatures get colder.

Dealing with Stink Bugs

If you do have stink bugs gathering on the exterior of your home, don’t squash them in order to get rid of them. These bugs get their name from the odor they emit from glands when their bodies are crushed. This odor can be highly unpleasant, especially if you’re sensitive to it. Instead of squashing these bugs, you can try to vacuum them up or rely on professional pest control experts to handle them for you, so they won’t leave a lingering odor on your home.

If you run into a problem with stink bugs this fall, please contact Allison Pest Control. We offer reliable Monmouth County pest control services to eliminate stink bugs and other pests in NJ.

November is Stink Bug Month in New Jersey!

It's Stink Bug Time Again!
It’s Stink Bug Time Again in NJ. Call Allison Pest Control for Help.

November is the time when it’s common to see stink bugs on home exteriors throughout NJ. These invasive bugs group together in fall and search for sheltered areas to stay during winter. Although they don’t cause damage, they do emit a foul odor when they’re handled or crushed. You can rely on Monmouth County pest control to eliminate them or try one of these methods:

DIY Traps for Stink Bugs

If you have stink bugs on your home or inside it, you can try using a homemade trap to catch them without squashing them. All you have to do is place a roasting pan filled with water and dish soap in a dark room or area, and shine a light over it to attract them. The stink bugs should end up going into the pan, where they’re unlikely to survive.

Vacuuming Stink Bugs

Homemade traps aren’t always foolproof ways to trap stink bugs. If this doesn’t work, you can try to vacuum them up, then dump the bag in the garbage when you’re done. Vacuuming keeps the bugs intact, so they won’t produce their unpleasant odor. Just remember to empty the bag right afterwards, so the smell won’t stick around.

When homemade traps don’t work, count on Monmouth County pest control experts to help you get rid of stink bugs. Contact Allison Pest Control if you need stink bugs removed from your home this fall.

What NJ Homeowners Should Know About Stink Bugs

It's Stink Bug Time Again!
It’s Stink Bug Time Again!

This time of year could bring stink bugs to your home. Cooler temperatures cause these pests to seek a warm place to stay during winter. Learn more about these bugs, so you can make sure you eliminate them the right way or get help from NJ pest control services.

Identifying Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated stink bugs are invasive insect pests that were brought to the U.S. accidentally from Asia. You’re more likely to see these bugs in late summer and early fall when the weather starts to get colder. Stink bugs have a brownish-gray color, six legs and a triangular body that resembles the shape of a shield.

Dealing with Stink Bugs

If you see stink bugs inside your home, don’t crush them. These bugs get their name from the unpleasant odor they emit when they’re crushed. Instead of squashing them, use a vacuum cleaner to get them out of your home. Empty the bag as soon as possible in an outdoor trash can, so the smell won’t linger indoors. Stink bugs don’t bite or damage property, but they can leave their odor in your home for a long time. Keep in mind that sealing up cracks near doors and windows helps keep these bugs out.

If your home has stink bugs, count on Allison Pest Control for help getting rid of them. Contact us to learn more about our NJ pest control services.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs Surge in New Jersey

Feeling Stressed About A Home Infestation? Don't, We're Here to Help!
Feeling Stressed About A Home Infestation? Don’t, We’re Here to Help!

Stink bugs are pests that have a very fitting name. They release an unpleasant odor when they are threatened or crushed. While there are native species of these bugs around, an invasive stink bug species from Asia was introduced in Pennsylvania and has been showing up elsewhere in increasing numbers.

An Invasive Nuisance

The brown marmorated stink bug was accidentally brought to the U.S. on a shipment from Asia. Unlike native species, these stink bugs have striped antennae, banding on their abdomens, and rounded shoulders. They are becoming a severe nuisance in some parts of the U.S., including NJ and the mid-Atlantic states, and are causing problems with agriculture by damaging crops. In fact, brown marmorated stink bugs feed on more than 300 plant species, including fruits and vegetables.

During summer, these pests lay eggs on the underside of leaves. As the winter months approach, they look for places to shelter, which often means invading homes. They can also be found in garages and other outdoor structures. Since these bugs can easily spread from one area to another, it’s important that you have a Freehold exterminator get rid of any stink bugs that you see in your NJ home.

If you’re having a problem with brown marmorated stink bugs, contact our Freehold exterminator so we can eliminate them for you. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information on our services.


Stink Bugs: What You Need to Know About This Odorous Pest

Sink Bugs
Sink Bugs

The number one thing you need to know about stink bug is that they are on the move. In the early 1990s, they began their journey from Asia aboard cargo and landed on the east coast. Over the past few decades they have mainly hung out around agricultural areas, but they have now managed to invade 41 states. If you haven’t encountered one of these pests yet, it looks like it is only a matter of time.

While stinkbugs can only travel a few miles during their lifespan, they are still successfully making their way across state lines due, in large part, to the fact that they don’t have any natural predators. Other native pests and animals have yet to evolve to the point where stinkbugs make a tasty snack. For homeowners, the pests can be invasive and annoying. For farmers and home gardeners, they can wreak havoc on harvests.

Scientists are working on developing natural ways to combat the bugs. There is some hope that introducing wasps that like to dine on stink bug eggs will be able to minimize and control the stink bug population and help homeowners successfully combat this stinky pest.

If you have noticed stink bugs in your home and on your plants, there are existing solutions available that don’t involve waiting for Mother Nature to one. Call Allison Pest Control for your Holmdel pest control needs today to learn more about your options.