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  • Sun’s Out, Mice Are Out – Well, Not Really…

    With the weather warming up, you’d think that mice would prefer to be outdoors. However, these rodents could be lurking in your home, especially if they’re able to find food and water easily. You might require Monmouth County pest control if you have a mouse problem this spring. Reasons for Mouse Infestations Why do mice […]

  • The Day in the Life of a Mouse: Why Rodents Move Indoors

    Many mice live outdoors, but some find their way into residential homes and cause a wide range of problems. What is a typical day like for a mouse? Knowing more about these critters can help you understand why you might have to get pest control in Monmouth County if they get into your home. Feeding […]

  • Mice Close Down a Theater In Long Island. What Business Owners Should Know

    Mice are a serious health risk for the general public, so their presence can easily cause businesses to temporarily close down. A dine-in AMC movie theater on Long Island experienced this problem last summer. Learn more about why you’ll need prompt pest control in Monmouth County if you have mice. Mice at the Movie Theater […]

  • Is There a Mouse in Your House? Signs to Look Out For

    Mice are able to cause a lot of problems for homeowners in NJ, making it important to find infestations and deal with them promptly. How do you know if you need Monmouth County mouse control at your home? Watch for the following signs that you might have a mouse problem. Droppings Some areas of your […]

  • NPMA’s Winter Pest Forecast – Brace Yourself for More of Every Pest!

    As it turns out, homeowners besieged by pests following the onslaught of heat and rain that’s plagued the U.S. over the course of 2017 are out of luck if they’re hoping for a winter pest respite. According to the recent National Pest Management Association’s Bug Barometer™ forecast for the upcoming season, those pests that usually […]

  • Research Shows City Life Creates New Pest Ecosystems

    It’s no secret that cities have plenty of rodents and insects around, but how did they get this way? Our pest control Monmouth NJ professionals want you to learn more about these pests, so you can better understand why they’ve become such a problem over the years. Urban Ecosystems The development of communities within cities […]