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New Jersey’s Growing Rat Problem Causes Serious Concern

Keep the Rats Outdoors With Our Help
Keep the Rats Outdoors With Our Help

Rats have been scurrying around NJ for ages and providing plenty of demand for pest control in Ocean County NJ. They’re getting to be an even bigger problem these days, though. These rodents, which can transmit certain infectious diseases, have been running rampant in one part of NJ thanks to recent construction.

A Rise in Rat Populations

Residents in Waldwick, NJ have been complaining about a sharp increase in rat populations in the area. In fact, one resident ended up trapping more than 40 rats on his property. Locals claim that the problem started when workers began constructing an apartment complex in the area. The site used to be an abandoned lumber yard, which might have been housing all of these rats. Despite claims that the site was treated with pesticides before construction started, residents state that the rats became a problem shortly afterwards.

Keep Rats at Bay

Even if you don’t live in Waldwick, you should still take steps to prevent rats from infesting your property. This includes not leaving water or food sources around for them, securing garbage cans and putting bird feeders where rats can’t reach them. This should help reduce your risk of ending up with a rat problem in or around your home.

If you have a rat problem on your NJ property, contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts provide high-quality pest control in Ocean County NJ.

Rats Can Compress Their Bodies to Fit Through Incredibly Small Spaces

Close Off Your Home to the Resourceful Rat
Close Off Your Home to the Resourceful Rat.

One of the best ways to keep rats out of your home is by sealing up even small gaps. Rats are known for being able to fit into tiny gaps and cracks, but how do they do it? Our pest control Brielle NJ experts have some information you should know about these rodents.

Rat Skeletons

There’s a common myth that rats are able to squeeze through tiny gaps thanks to having a collapsible skeleton. However, that’s not true. Rats have solid, noncollapsible skeletons just as humans do. How are they able to get their bodies through small holes then?

Rats have a body shape that makes this possible. Their bodies are long and have a cylindrical shape that allows them to get through small gaps and holes. Keep in mind that there are limitations. Larger rats can’t fit through smaller openings, but smaller ones can easily do so.

Rat Prevention

Keep rats off your property and away from your home by closing up any tiny gaps or cracks you find with a good silicone-based caulk. This will help keep them out of your home. You can discourage rats from your yard by not leaving food or water around that might attract them.

If you’ve seen rats on your property, contact Allison Pest Control right away. We provide prompt pest control Brielle NJ services, so you can have a rodent-free home.

New Zealand Plans on Being Rat-Free by 2050 Could It Work for NJ?

Could NJ Exterminate All Rats?
Could NJ Exterminate All Rats?

Rats give NJ pest control services plenty to do throughout the year. These rodents have also been a problem in other parts of the world, but one country is working on eliminating them.

Becoming a Rat-Free Country

New Zealand has a goal to get rid of rats entirely by the year 2050, although it could happen earlier than that. The country plans on exterminating rat species that have been introduced from other parts of the world. Other introduced species that will also be eradicated include possums and stoats. These species have been responsible for killing millions of native birds each year, including the kiwi.

Officials know that getting rid of rats will be one of the most difficult goals to accomplish, since they’re good at hiding in urban areas. The country also wants to ensure that they have the support of the public for this project.

Rats in NJ

Could NJ follow a similar plan as New Zealand’s for getting rid of rats throughout the entire state? This could be a big challenge for the state, considering how many rats there are and how many places they have to hide. In the meantime, property owners should rely on professional pest control to eliminate these rodents from their homes and businesses.

If you have a rat problem on your property, please contact Allison Pest Control to get more details on our NJ pest control services.

EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement
EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

Warmer winters have led to an increase in rat populations, which has led to city governments taking steps to address this problem. However, the methods they’re using have come under fire from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Dry Ice in Big Cities

New York, Chicago, Boston and other big cities have tried using dry ice to keep rat populations under control. While this method might help in some cases, it isn’t approved by the EPA. In fact, the agency announced that using dry ice for rodent control is against federal guidelines, since it hasn’t been registered with the EPA.

Importance of EPA Approval

The EPA helps ensure that methods of pest control used for rodents are safe and don’t put the public and the environment at risk. Using a method that hasn’t been approved by the EPA means that these cities could be risking the health of residents and the environment.

NJ Pest Control

Residents in NJ who are dealing with larger rat populations around their homes shouldn’t attempt to use dry ice. Instead, they should rely on dependable NJ pest control services to get rid of these pests. This helps keep people safe while also eliminating their rodent problem.

If you have rats in your yard or home, please contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. Our NJ pest control services can eliminate these rodents from your property safely and effectively.

Big Norway Rats Are Found in NJ

Norway Rats
Norway Rats

Norway rats have made an impression on the general public due to their numbers and size. While you might think these rats are only seen scurrying around the streets and subways of NYC, these common rats are also found in other places, including Newark. One city worker managed to catch a Norway rat that measures 2 feet long and weighs just under 3 pounds.

Norway rats live in large groups in tunnels and burrows underground, which they spend a lot of time digging. Some are also found in wood piles, ponds and other areas, if there’s plenty of food sources available. Norway rats are brownish or grayish in color and have a white belly. They have small ears and scaly tails that are shorter in length than their bodies, unlike their long-tailed roof rat cousins. Norway rats are considered a nuisance and a public health hazard because they carry harmful parasites and diseases that can spread to humans, such as Hantavirus and toxoplasmosis.

When you have a Norway rat infestation, it’s important to have these rodents removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could end up making you and your family ill. They can also cause damage to your property with their chewing.

If you’ve noticed Norway rats around your property, don’t hesitate to call Allison Pest Control. Our experienced Freehold exterminators will trap these pests and remove them from your property safely.