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  • Interesting Insect Facts: The Spotted Camel Back Cricket Does Not Bite

    Crickets aren’t usually among the top reasons to hire Ocean County pest control services. They’re typically not as much of a problem as ants or termites, but their presence can be a nuisance. When it comes to spotted camel crickets, their presence can be downright alarming. Startling Behavior Spotted camel crickets are large crickets that […]

  • Cooler Weather Brings Crickets Indoors in New Jersey

    The cool weather brings with it thoughts of cozy winter nights spent indoors with family. It also brings one of New Jersey’s noisiest pest. Like many insects, crickets are nocturnal. But they are also unapologetic and unrelenting in their chirping. These males know their stridulation will attract females and notify other males to stay away. […]

  • Cave Crickets May Denote a Moisture Problem

    Cave crickets go by many names, camel crickets, spider crickets, sprickets, and stone crickets. Resembling the mutant spawn of a spider and a cricket or grasshopper, they are really just a nuisance pest, harmless to humans (except for scaring the daylights out of you and your children) and feeding mainly on fabrics and houseplants. They […]

  • Chirping Crickets: Good Luck or Annoying Nuisance?

    In some cultures having a singing cricket in your house is considered good luck; but most Monmouth County, New Jersey home owners find these noisy insects more annoying than lucky. The high-pitched “song” of a cricket hiding somewhere in your basement or crawl space can be annoying enough to launch a late-night hunt for the […]

  • Cave Crickets…What Are They?

    Unlike crickets that find themselves trapped inside of the wall of your home, keeping you up at night as they chirp away, the cave cricket is a strange type of cricket.  Cave crickets are also known as “spider crickets” and “camel crickets”.  All three of their names fit them perfectly because of their appearance as […]

  • The Sounds Of Crickets…Not So Pleasant To Be Around!

    The sounds of crickets chirping may sound like natures lullaby to some, but for others, the sounds emitted from crickets, resemble fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard.  The incessant chirping from a cricket is not always considered to be good, especially when there are crickets, or even just one cricket that is chirping inside a […]