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  • Penn State Explains the Carpenter Bee Life Cycle

    Carpenter bees are good for plants and flowers, but they can be bad news for your home. Although these bees don’t feed on wood, they chew their way through it in order to create their nests. Here’s some information about the life cycle of these bugs. Winter and Spring Young carpenter bees stay hidden and […]

  • Carpenter Bees as Pollinators – Are They Pests?

    If you have carpenter bees buzzing around your home, is it time to call Ocean County NJ pest control companies for help? Some people consider these bees pests that destroy wood, while others mainly consider them pollinators that help support our food supplies. Carpenter Bees as Pests Carpenter bees make nests by boring holes in […]

  • How to Repair Wood Boring Bee Damage

    Termites aren’t the only wood-destroying bugs that cause homeowners to call Middlesex County NJ pest control companies. Carpenter bees can also cause a considerable amount of damage to home exteriors made of wood, especially if they don’t have protective coats of polyurethane or oil-based paint. Carpenter Bee Damage Carpenter bees cause damage to homes by […]

  • Have You Been “Dive-Bombed” by the Eastern Carpenter Bee Yet?

    Bees are common summer nuisances that require help from Ocean County pest control services, but some are more alarming than others. Eastern carpenter bees are known for flying around people and even dive bombing them at times. Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous? Eastern carpenter bees might make you nervous about how close they get to you […]

  • Preventing Springtime Pests in NJ

    With warmer temperatures on the way, NJ residents will soon be seeing all kinds of springtime pests. These bugs come out of hiding and look for food or places to build their nests for spring and summer. It’s important to know which pests are most likely to invade your home this spring, so you can […]

  • Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Carpenter Bees

    As if it wasn’t bad enough dealing with carpenter ants and termites, carpenter bees are also a source of aggravation for NJ homeowners. These pests have a nasty habit of tunneling into wooden structures like decks and porches. Males can also be aggressive during spring mating season, hovering annoyingly as you try to relax outside. […]