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Do Bedbugs Prefer Colored Sheets?

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Call Allison Pest Control
Get Rid of Bed Bugs Call Allison Pest Control

Could the color of your bedsheets have an impact on bed bug infestations? Depending on the current color scheme in your bedroom, you might want to make some changes to your bedding.

Which Colors Attract Bed Bugs?

Researchers have discovered that bed bugs tend to be attracted to a couple of different colors, while other colors seem to make them keep their distance. Red and black are the colors that these pests are drawn to. Scientists believe bed bugs prefer these colors since they are similar to the coloring of these pests. Bed bugs typically gather in large numbers, so seeing red and black makes them think that other bed bugs are nearby.

Which Colors Repel Bed Bugs?

Researchers found that bed bugs usually stay away from green and yellow. The lighter tones of these colors might resemble light, which bed bugs avoid. It’s important to note that color preferences are also based on other factors, such as age and sex.

Keep in mind that having lighter-colored sheets isn’t a foolproof way to prevent bed bugs. Our NJ pest control experts can help lower your risk of having these blood-sucking pests in your home or get rid of any that have already invaded.

Don’t let bed bugs find a home in your bedding and other belongings. Contact Allison Pest Control for help. Our NJ pest control professionals offer reliable bed bug treatment.

Are Bed Bugs Getting Harder to Kill?

Bed Bugs Found by One of Our Technicians
Bed Bugs Found by One of Our Technicians

Applying chemical pesticides to infested areas is one of the most common ways to get rid of bed bugs, but it’s losing its effectiveness. Bed bugs are becoming more resistant to some types of chemicals, making it more difficult to destroy these pests.

A recent study done at Virginia Tech showed that pesticides that are classified as neonics, or neonicotinoids, are becoming less effective at destroying bed bugs. Researchers studied the effects of these products on bed bugs in different cities and found that they show some degree of resistance to neonics, mainly depending on whether or not they have been exposed to them previously. When bed bugs have prior exposure to neonics, their bodies make enzymes that detoxify these chemicals. This helps bed bugs build up resistance to these pesticides, causing these products to become less effective over time.

These findings highlight the need for pest control companies to adopt other forms of treatment for bed bugs, such as pesticides that do not contain neonics and nontoxic types of treatments. Our Freehold exterminators focus on using safe and nontoxic treatments to destroy these pests and manage infestations. These treatments are effective at getting rid of bed bugs and lowering the risk of having an infestation occur again.

If you have a bed bug problem, Allison Pest Control can help. Contact our Freehold exterminators for safe and effective treatments for bed bug infestations.

Bed Bugs Invade NJ Municipal Court

The Bed Bugs are Becoming a Bigger Issue
The Bed Bugs are Becoming a Bigger Issue

Bed bugs are becoming a bigger problem around the country, and New Jersey is no exception. The Jersey City Municipal Court recently dealt with a bed bug infestation this past summer after battling these tiny pests back in 2010.

Bed bugs in the court were detected using dogs that are specially trained to sniff out these biting pests. Although the extent of the infestation isn’t known, the court took steps to handle it and help prevent NJ citizens who visit or work in the location from bringing bed bugs into their homes. Since these pests are known for having bites that cause skin irritation, dealing with the infestation promptly was crucial. The court isn’t certain how the bugs were brought into the building, but there are many ways that this can happen. Bed bugs can enter buildings in bags and boxes and end up going home with unsuspecting people by climbing onto their clothing or into their bags.

The infestation at the Jersey City Municipal Court highlights the importance of detecting bed bugs as early as possible and promptly dealing with them. Otherwise, they can become much harder to get rid of and end up causing ongoing skin irritation and rashes.

If you have a bed bug problem, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer dependable Manasquan pest control services, including bed bug treatments and rodent control.


Feeling Itchy? Could You Have Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs Carry Disease
The Itch

If you wake up feeling itchy and notice red marks on your skin, bed bugs might be the culprit. These tiny critters have been spreading throughout the country, including NJ. While they rarely cause medical issues, their bites can cause an allergic reaction.

Bed bugs bite humans in order to feed on blood. You most likely won’t notice the actual bites when they occur, since they’re painless. Instead, your body might react to the saliva that the bugs leave behind with their bites. This saliva can cause your skin to turn red around the bite mark, and it might itch as well. If you have a severe allergic reaction, you might experience respiratory symptoms that are very similar to asthma, although this doesn’t happen often.

Bed bugs have the potential to transmit several diseases, but they haven’t caused any serious outbreaks so far. It’s still a good idea to have these pests removed from your home as soon as you notice any signs of an infestation, such as seeing the actual bugs or seeing tiny drops of dried blood on your bedding. Since they can be difficult to get rid of, it’s best to get professional help.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation, you’ll need a reliable Monmouth County pest control company to help you out. Contact Allison Pest Control, and we’ll rid your home of bed bugs quickly.

What’s Trending #BedBugs!


The term “trend” often applies to something that’s new and fun. It’s not so positive when referring to the upward trend in calls from homeowners and apartment residents reporting bed bug sightings.

Recent reports from Tucson, AZ show that they are keeping pace with the rest of the nation. Robert LaFrance of Arizona Heat Pest Control says that they have had at least five calls coming in per day, and so far this year they have responded to 100 calls just in Tucson.

Pima County Health Department has fielded 71 complaints to date. Most are from apartment dwellers, but reports have also come from three hotels, two nursing homes and one business.

Bed bugs are opportunistic pests who latch on to people and belongings as unsuspecting carriers. LaFrance explains that they frequently set up shop in apartment buildings because they are small enough to travel underneath walls and baseboards.

If you find unexplained bites on your arms and legs, that could be a sign of bed bug infestation. When you lift your mattress, you may see black spots on the box springs from their feces and possibly even a live bug or two.

Don’t let bed bugs set up residence in your Tom’s River home. Let our trained technicians remove the problem without leaving a trace. Visit our website for more information about our pest extermination services.

Will Faking Out Bedbugs Be the Next Big Thing?

Leading The Bed Bugs Astray
Leading The Bed Bugs Astray

Bed bugs are pretty tricky, and they’re mighty hard to get rid of once you’re infested. After trying a handful (or more) of do-it-yourself options, most people realize the need to contact a NJ pest control professional to get rid of them. However, a new product might be coming to the market soon, and experts believe it could be a real game-changer.

Bed bugs are notoriously shy, and they only come out at night to attack you when you’re most vulnerable. They’re drawn to the CO2 you breathe out as you sleep, and that serves as their guide to let them know where you are. A new trap that has been developed by a scientist couple in Canada contains the perfect blend of chemicals that will lure bed bugs.

Experts believe that the new trap will be an excellent tool for identifying a bed bug infestation, which isn’t always easy to do because of where these pests can hide. It can also be used to get rid of bed bugs in infestations that are relatively small in size.

For larger infestations? A pest control specialist is the best line of defense if you want to see quick results. Even so, now that the technology has been designed, we might be seeing some more improvements in the near future.

If you’re dealing with a bed bug problem, contact us, your NJ pest control specialists right away.