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  • Are They Ants or Are They Termites? How to Tell The Difference

    Knowing the difference between ants and termites is important when you see them in your home. While you’ll need Monmouth County pest control for either one, keep in mind that termites can cause a significant amount of damage to your home over time. Comparing the following can help you determine if you have ants or […]

  • Ants Inside and Rain – There Is a Connection

    Many species of ants in NJ do just fine living outdoors and building nests in the ground or in other areas outside. However, rainy weather can force these pests to enter residential buildings. Find out more about the connection between an increase in rainy weather and a higher chance of having an indoor ant problem […]

  • Keep the Bugs Away from Your Next Picnic with These Tips

    If you’re planning an end-of-summer picnic in your yard, don’t let bugs ruin it for you. There are several ways that you can keep insect pests at bay, so you can have a fun and enjoyable time. Keep Food and Drinks Covered Up Ants, wasps, flies and other bugs are attracted to the scent of […]

  • They’re Not Harmless – Sugar Ants Can Carry and Spread Salmonella

    Ants are common throughout NJ, making them one of the main reasons homeowners get in touch with Monmouth County NJ pest control companies. Although some ants are more of a nuisance, others are considered health hazards. In the latter category, sugar ants are known carriers of Salmonella. Which Ants Are Sugar Ants? Sugar ants don’t […]

  • Do You Hate Ants So Much You’d Burn Down Your Home? One Man Did – by Accident.

    Ants are no strangers to NJ homeowners and Ocean County NJ pest control companies. These tiny pests routinely make their way inside homes, where they spread germs and ruin food. If you’re tempted to get rid of them on your own, it’s important to watch what you use. Fighting Ants with Fire One man in […]

  • Researchers Identify that Ants Need Downtime Too!

    Ants are known for being busy little creatures, but they do rest at times. In fact, scientists have found that ants actually achieve some form of work-life balance that we humans could learn from. Downtime for Ants Researchers at Missouri S&T have found evidence that ants take turns staying busy rather than being active all […]