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Stink Bugs – They Emerge in the Spring but Are a Nuisance in the Fall

New Jersey Stink Bugs are Back!
New Jersey Stink Bugs are Back!

Certain pests manage to be a problem in both spring and fall. Stink bugs are one of the pests that Monmouth County pest control experts typically deal with. This invasive species, known as the brown marmorated stink bug, can become a big nuisance during fall as they gather on buildings looking for places to spend the colder part of the year.

Stink Bug Description

How do you know if you have a stink bug problem? If you see brown bugs with a shield-shaped body on the outside of your home, these are stink bugs. You might only see a few, or you could see dozens as temperatures get colder.

Dealing with Stink Bugs

If you do have stink bugs gathering on the exterior of your home, don’t squash them in order to get rid of them. These bugs get their name from the odor they emit from glands when their bodies are crushed. This odor can be highly unpleasant, especially if you’re sensitive to it. Instead of squashing these bugs, you can try to vacuum them up or rely on professional pest control experts to handle them for you, so they won’t leave a lingering odor on your home.

If you run into a problem with stink bugs this fall, please contact Allison Pest Control. We offer reliable Monmouth County pest control services to eliminate stink bugs and other pests in NJ.

The Allison Pest Control Story, Serving You Since 1917

Growing with Each Other in Success, Let Us Help You!
Growing with Each Other in Success, Let Us Help You!

At Allison Pest Control, we’ve been providing Monmouth and Ocean County pest control services since 1917. Our family-owned business started out as a small company that has grown tremendously over the years.

Back in 1917, the Allison family opened a one-man pest control service in Monmouth County. John Daly Sr. bought the company in 1970 and expanded our service areas to cover Ocean County and some areas of Middlesex County.

Today, we provide services for more than 5,000 homeowners and business owners in NJ. With the help of his son John Daly Jr., John Daly Sr. has continued to honor the Allison legacy by ensuring that customers receive prompt and reliable service from highly skilled pest control experts.

John Daly Sr., who has served as president of the New Jersey Pest Control Management Association, has expert knowledge in pigeon control. Our other pest control professionals are also knowledgeable about using safe pest control methods and techniques to keep customers and their properties safe.

At Allison Pest Control, we offer several methods that don’t rely on chemicals to eliminate pests. Our technicians also have high-quality equipment and training in the latest pest control methods.

If you have bugs, rodents or other pests in your NJ home, contact Allison Pest Control. We provide high-quality Ocean County pest control services for homeowners and business owners in NJ.

Pantry Pests Make a Comeback in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Flies and ants are usually considered common kitchen pests, but there are other pests that NJ homeowners should be aware of. Pantry pests, which can invade food supplies, are making a comeback in NJ.

Indian Meal Moth a Top Pantry Pest
Indian Meal Moth a Top Pantry Pest

These pests aren’t a health threat to humans, but they can cause significant damage to food supplies stored in pantries and cupboards in a short amount of time. Homeowners who see any of the following pests should seek help from Monmouth County pest control services.

  • Confused flour beetle: These reddish brown beetles tend to feed on flour and related products rather than whole grains.
  • Drugstore beetle: These dark reddish-brown beetles typically feed on drugstore products, pet food, breads and spices.
  • Indian meal moth: These pests, which have reddish-copper markings and white wings, feed on corn meal, beans, spices, grains and several other food products.
  • Rive weevil: These dark brown pests use their long snouts to poke holes in packaging and lay one egg inside. They tend to feed on cereal, beans, nuts and bird seed.
  • Sawtooth grain beetle: These brown beetles are tiny, which allows them to easily get into packages of cereal, flour, grains and other food products.

If you have any pantry pests in your NJ home, don’t hesitate to give Allison Pest Control a call. We offer Monmouth County pest control services for beetles, moths and other pantry pests.