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Hiring A Reliable NJ Pest Control Specialist Is Crucial For Safe Pesticide Application

When there is a bed bug infestation in New Jersey, consumers rely on the promises and expertise of a New Jersey pest control specialist.

A New York City elementary school recently learned a valuable lesson that they were not anticipating learning…that not all pest control specialists are alike.

New York City’s Department of Education hired a private contractor and paid nearly $100,000 to kill the bed bugs at P.S. 197 in Brooklyn, NY.  Much to the dismay of school officials, the sloppy extermination of the blood suckers has caused an even bigger problem for the school.  Reports from teachers and school officials are filtering out of the school telling of how dangerous bed bug killing pesticides were found soaked through books in the classroom, covering the desks in the classrooms, and puddles on the floor of the classroom.  Teachers lost resource materials, paper, bulletin boards, resource charts, books and supplies because of the improper application of the pesticides.

The Teacher’s Union estimates that the clean-up of the classrooms will cost in the neighborhood of $250,000!  The Department of Education is reporting that they intend on billing the contactor who provided the services for all of the clean-up costs, but teachers are worried that they won’t have their resource materials replaced for the remainder of the school year.  The Department of Environmental Conservation is investigating the incident.

Over the years there have been different pesticides that have been used and then banned from the United States marketplace because they have been deemed to be “unsafe” for a variety of reasons.  For example, DDT was widely used by consumers for the treatment of bed bugs years ago, but pulled from the market in the 1970’s.

Any pesticide that is not used correctly by a pest control firm can cause serious illness or even death if not used correctly.  For reliable and trusted treatment of bed bugs or other New Jersey pest control needs, contact Allison Pest Control.  We have been providing safe NJ pest control services to our customers since 1917 in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties.

Are Bed Bugs, Staphylococcus And MRSA Linked? Part II Of II

Continued from Monday…

Bed bugs are currently considered to be a nuisance pest.  Our government officials state that despite the fact that bed bugs do bite humans and suck blood, that they do not transmit pathogens from person to person.  An entomologist from Cornell University, who specializes in the study of bed bugs, is convinced that there is a connection between patients that are in hospitals who are bitten by bed bugs and then come down with Staphylococcus or MRSA.  Her findings have revealed that those hospitals which have ongoing bed bug infestations are not able to rid themselves of antibiotic resistant MRSA, which is causing dangerous and sometimes deadly results for patients.

Bed bugs are not transmitting Staphylococcus or MRSA directly to people through their bites, but the scientist believes that there is still a correlation because bed bug bites do puncture the skin.  Once the skin is punctured, many people suffer an allergic reaction to the bed bug bite wound and will then experience the painful itching that ensues afterwards.  People who have Staphylococcus on their skin can easily transmit the organism into the bed bug bite wound, which could then cause a secondary infection.  When MRSA is introduced into a bed bug bite wound of a person who is already sick, the bacteria can cause a serious illness or even death.

Currently there are no ongoing studies with the Centers for Disease Control in regards to bed bugs bites and MRSA/Staph infections.  Perhaps it’s time for research to commence and maybe then better insecticides would be released by the Environmental Protection Agency to combat New Jersey bed bug infestations, and bed bugs across the United States, once and for all!

If you are battling bed bugs in New Jersey, contact Allison Pest Control for expert bed bug eradication service!

NJ Termites Will Destroy Property

Studies have shown that termites have been around since the beginning of time.  The subterranean termite colony is comprised of three different types of termites: the workers, the soldiers, and the reproductives.  Subterranean termites are considered to be the most destructive kind of termite.  If you have a NJ termite infestation, it is most likely of this variety.

Unlike wood-destroying carpenter ants, the subterranean termite consumes the wood that it comes in contact with.  These termites have a voracious appetite for wood, but will also eat wallpaper, insulation, plastics, and fabrics that are made from plant substances.  Subterranean termites need soil to survive as they live in underground colonies or in wet areas above the ground.  Termites build intricate tunnels from their soil locations to areas where their food supplies are located.

It is estimated that termites cause over $2 billion in damage to homes and businesses throughout the United States each year. Termite colonies relentlessly devour wood non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The residents and business owners in an area of Queens, New York witnessed first hand the power of the mighty termite this week.  Termites weakened a utility pole, which finally gave way to the bugs causing it to crash onto a car below. The falling pole caused a chain reaction whereas many other utility poles on the block also fell or are hanging by a thread.  The residents on the block were of course without power, but thankfully, nobody was injured.

NJ subterranean termites should always be considered a serious threat to your home or business as they can cause expensive damage to wood support beams, plastic plumbing pipes, insulation, sub-floorings, and building foundations. If you discover termites, or think you might have them, it is best to contact a NJ pest control professional for immediate termite inspection and/or treatment.

Bed Bug Bite Victim Receives Big Settlement

If you watch the evening news, read internet headline stories, or browse through your local newspaper, you are sure to see that bed bugs are problematic for people across the United States.  Now-a-days, hotels and motels should be very diligent in their bed bug inspection procedures or suffer the wrath of public embarrassment and accusations if a bed bug infestation is discovered at their establishment.  An added incentive for the hospitality industry to be diligent should be that travelers have the right to sue for damages because of their bed bug encounters.

A woman who stayed at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in San Francisco was recently bitten over 400 times by bed bugs.  Within a few days of her stay at the hotel, her face and body were covered in hundreds of bite marks and she had intense itching.  She was advised that she was not only having a reaction to bed bug bites, but to the feces of the bed bugs as well.  It is reported that the treatment that she received for the bites developed into steroid acne, which later developed into dermographism; which is a condition where you can actually write on your skin.  As one would expect, the woman in question decided to file a lawsuit against the hotel.  Rather than have the matter heard in court, the hotel offered the woman $71,000 to settle her claim, which is the largest amount of money offered to a person who has fallen victim to bed bug bites at a hotel.

It should be noted that each person who is unlucky enough to be bitten by bed bugs has a different type of reaction to the pest.  Some will have an intense allergic reaction that could even lead to anaphylaxis shock, while others have no reaction at all. Reactions vary, as much as people do.

Any commercial establishment should engage in a good commercial pest control program to keep bed bugs under control before they become a problem.