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  • Deadly Virus that Infects Pets Now Found in Northern NJ

    A dangerous bacterial disease called leptospirosis has made an appearance in New Jersey that is infecting dogs. So far, five canines have been diagnosed with this potentially fatal disease. About Leptospirosis What is known about the disease is the urine of wild animals seems to be the source of transmission. This can lead to infected […]

  • NJ House Mouse Reproduction – There’s Never Just One!

    Perhaps you’re sitting in your living room, watching television, and you see a mouse. That night, you set a trap and in the morning, you catch him. Your problem is solved, right? Unfortunately, it’s not. House mice can reproduce at an alarming rate, and there’s never going to be just one. Not to worry, though, […]

  • Fall Pest-Proofing for New Jersey Homeowners – Part One

    The fall season is upon us, and many pests are just getting started with terrorizing NJ families and homes. As your Ocean County pest control company, we feel it’s our duty to help you pest-proof your home as fall approaches. We’d like to give you some ways you can keep your home pest-free in this […]

  • Love Your Pets, But Hate the Disease They May Carry

    Your pets give you a lot of joy. In fact, studies have even shown that having a pet has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol levels. So, not only does your pet keep you from being lonely, but he or she may also help keep you healthy. Unfortunately, there are […]

  • How to Pest-Proof Your NJ Home Before the First Snow

    When cold weather sets in, some species of bugs look for warm areas to spend the winter. Pest control companies in Freehold can deal with these bugs, but you can also take steps yourself to prevent them from becoming a problem. Keep the following pests at bay before the first snow of the season. Stink […]

  • How Do NJ Pests Survive in Winter?

    Pest control companies in Freehold never get a chance to rest, even during the colder winter months when most people think they’re able to get a reprieve from dealing with pests. While there are some insects (such as bees and hornets) that go away during the winter, for other pests, the fun is just beginning. […]