Will You Be Doing Food Pairing with Edible Insects?

What Foods Would You Pair with Edible Insects?
What Foods Would You Pair with Edible Insects?

Many types of insect pests prompt residents to seek help from NJ pest control services all summer long. While ants and other bugs are usually considered a nuisance, some are being considered as food sources thanks to a growing trend.

Bugs and Beer

Scientists have been discussing the nutritional benefits of bugs as a possible solution to reducing hunger. It’s no surprise that many people aren’t excited about this idea, but some have found a way to try it out without gagging.

Some individuals are pairing bugs with alcoholic drinks, which makes these insects a bit more palatable. In fact, tourists in Mexico can dine on dried grasshoppers, crayfish and ant eggs while enjoying a glass of mescal. Since these bugs are known for packing a lot of protein, they’re considered a nutritious treat.

Edible Treats or Pests?

If you’re not ready to try pairing bugs and alcohol, you’re not alone. This trend hasn’t become a common one due to squeamishness about eating bugs as treats, which isn’t surprising. NJ residents usually regard most bugs, including termites, ants, flies and mosquitoes, as pests that spread disease or ruin their homes and food supplies.

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