What Home Owners Need to Know About New Jersey Termites

What Do You Know About Termites?
What Do You Know About Termites?

Termites are a common concern for homeowners thanks to the large amount of damage they can do to your home. If you’ve never had to get in touch with a NJ termite exterminator before, don’t assume that you’ll never have to. These pests can invade homes and stay hidden for many years without showing any obvious signs of damage. Learning more about these pests is important in order to make sure you know what to watch for.

Finding Termites

Detecting these pests within your own home can be very hard to do. Termites tend to stay well-hidden in walls while they eat away at wooden structures and build their colonies. There are a few signs that can indicate a termite infestation in your home, though. These include seeing swarmers, which are winged termites that come out in spring and shed their wings. You might actually notice their wings in areas near your windows. Another sign is finding damaged wood in your home without any obvious causes, such as a leak.

Fighting Termites

Termites are a challenge to completely get rid of when they invade your home. Having pest control experts handle these infestations can provide you with peace of mind that these pests are no longer in your home.

When you need a NJ termite exterminator, count on Allison Pest Control for help. We can eliminate these pests and save your home from extensive damage.