Warm and Wet the Right Combination for a Plague of Fleas

Look Out For Fleas
Look Out For Fleas

Feeling itchy? The problem might not be mosquitos, but rather a summer infestation of fleas. With warmth and humidity in the air, fleas become hyperactive. They reproduce more quickly, swarm yards and dog parks, and quickly create a filthy nuisance once they get inside your home.

Summer calls for careful monitoring of pets that may be carrying fleas. Carpets and upholstery may house the fleas in spite of a flea collar, so the home may also need flea extermination.

Why fleas thrive in warm and wet weather

Female fleas only live a few weeks, but they lay thousands of eggs. Under mild conditions, it takes months for a flea to grow from larva to pupa to adult. Warmth and humidity rapidly accelerate their growth.

Additionally, summer rains drive fleas up from the ground to higher levels. This increases the chances of getting a flea infestation after they attach to you or pet and come inside.

Veterinarian Katherine Beier recently explained to reporters that pet owners need to keep several factors in mind: the number of pets, where they play outside and where they sleep inside, and what kind of flooring you have indoors.

She finds that people often need to seek flea treatments for a wide radius around their dogs’ favorite resting spots.

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