Is It Winter Itch Or Fleas Attacking You and Your Pets?

As with humans, pets too can suffer from skin problems during the winter months due to the cold and dry air that they encounter.  Many people do not realize that there could be another reason that their own skin and that of their pet’s skin can be red, irritated and itchy.

Despite the cold New Jersey weather, fleas are waiting for you and your pet to pass nearby so that they can hitch a ride on their warm body.  Once on board, fleas prefer to remain on animals but they are often dislodged by the scratching of pets; climbing onto you!

Pets that are allowed outdoors can easily transport fleas inside and deposit them in different locations throughout a home.  The most common places that fleas, flea eggs, or larvae can be found is in pet beds, soft furniture, carpets, the crevices of wood flooring, behind floor boards, and human beds.

Fleas are bloodsucking parasites that can lie in wait for a blood meal for an extended period of time.  Like other bloodsuckers, they are attracted to CO2 that is exhaled.  Fleas prefer to dine on cats, dogs, and other small animals, but will consume human blood when hungry.  Once a flea bites, their saliva causes severe itching which can lead to a secondary infection.

Due to the warmth of our homes, fleas will easily reproduce at alarming rates without proper treatment.  Bug bombs or foggers are not recommended for flea control as they only kill on contact and do not reach deep into the hiding places of these bloodsuckers.  The best way to safely eradicate fleas is to call an experienced Monmouth County NJ exterminator like Allison Pest Control.