Leave the NJ Rat Eradication To The Pros

The Norway Rat (otherwise known as the Brown Rat) and the Roof Rat (otherwise known as the Black Rat) are the most common rats that you will find in North America.  They may seem to be harmless when they are sitting in a corner with no place to scurry off to, but don’t be fooled by their seemingly quiet demeanor.  Rats are dangerous pests that should not exist in any type of home or business environment.

Rats are commonly associated with urban areas as they are mostly found where food is abundant.  Depending on the species of rat, it can live outdoors in burrows that are created underground or make their nests high up in the trees or in bushes.  Rats are extremely resourceful creatures that will go wherever they can find food, indoors or out.  Despite their preference for certain types of foods, rats are scavengers that will eat most anything that crosses their path.  Rats have adjusted well to eating human food and pet food products as well.

Rats are primarily nocturnal creatures that live approximately one year.  They are prolific breeders and often have large litters which is why rat populations easily become out-of-control in a short period of time.

Adult rats can enter a home through a space as small as a nickel.  When rats are in the attic, people often report hearing scratching, scampering, and squeaks overhead.  Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals report that you should never use poison to kill rats in a home or business.  Rats that eat the poison are subject to a painful death.  Dying rats will often become trapped inside of walls, attics, or crawl spaces making them difficult to remove.  The decaying carcass will emit an unbearable stench which can hurt a business and drive homeowners to a hotel.

NJ rat eradication and cleanup should only be handled by a licensed pest control professional like Allison Pest Control.  Call us today for expert rat removal services.