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Concerned About Zika? Here’s What NJ Residents Need to Know.

Don't Forget to Make Sure Your Kid Has Big Spray On When They Go Out to Play!
Don’t Forget to Make Sure Your Kid Has Big Spray On When They Go Out to Play!

By now nearly everyone has heard about the Zika virus, especially with it being a major news story at the Olympics. The truth of the matter is that the mosquito, which carries the virus is nearing the end of its season in NJ. They will die off after the first frost.

Spring and Summer Worries

Of course, by the time next spring and summer rolls around the mosquitoes will return and the risk of a Zika infection in the NJ area is very real. Although mosquito-borne Zika was predicted to make it to NJ this past summer, it never got here. There were a few confirmed Zika cases in the area, but all of them were from being exposed to mosquitoes down south or to someone who had already been taken ill.

What is Zika?

Zika is a virus that creates flu-like symptoms. Some people that are infected don’t even know it, while others develop definite symptoms. Although on the whole the Zika virus is not considered life threatening, the main danger of the virus if left untreated is to unborn children to whom it can cause birth defects.

Protection is the Answer

What you need to know is that protection is the answer to any Zika fear, and Allison Pest Control NJ has proven ways to control the mosquitoes on your property. Contact Allison Pest Control NJ for all of your Zika answers.

The Type of Mosquito That Carries Zika is Found in NJ

Mosquitoes Capable of Carrying Zika Found in NJ
Mosquitoes Capable of Carrying Zika Found in NJ

There have been more than 50 confirmed Zika cases in New Jersey this year, though all of them seem to be related to individuals traveling to areas where the virus is more prevalent. New Jersey has yet to see a Zika case coming transmitted by mosquitoes, but the Asian Tiger mosquito, one of only two types of the pest known to be capable of transmitting Zika, has been found throughout our state.

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Of the two types of mosquitoes that can carry Zika, the Asian Tiger mosquito poses a far smaller threat than the Aedes Aegypti, which is generally not found in New Jersey. The Asian Tiger’s favorite breeding ground is any type of small puddle of standing fresh water, from back yard swimming pools to bird baths.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Our team at Allison Pest Control NJ recommends emptying out standing water sources every few days. For those of you with a swimming pool, a bit of chlorine will stop mosquitoes from laying eggs, while salt water pools are by their nature immune from becoming breeding grounds. When you go outside, especially in the evening, use a DEET-based insect repellent on your exposed skin.

If you’re interested in in the best methods for getting rid of mosquitoes around your home, Allison Pest Control NJ can come out and spray, reaching places municipal spraying efforts cannot.

Zika and You, What You Need to Know Now

Mosquito Diseases
The Spread of Zika

Mosquitoes used to be merely a nuisance due to the itchy bites they cause, but in recent years these pests have been spreading diseases in the U.S. The most recent threat from mosquitoes is the spread of the Zika virus. What is Zika and why is it a problem?

• Zika is a virus that is spread through mosquito bites or sexual contact with someone who is infected. To date there have been more than 1,650 reported cases of Zika in the U.S. People can catch Zika from traveling to areas that are known to have these mosquitoes, such as parts of the Caribbean, but these pests have recently been found in Miami.

Zika typically causes mild symptoms in those who are infected, but it poses a more dangerous risk to the fetuses of pregnant women. This virus increases the risk of a condition called microcephaly, as well as stillbirths and birth defects.

• Zika prevention includes wearing insect repellent, going outside with long pants and long-sleeved shirts on, and getting rid of standing water that mosquitoes can lay eggs in. Avoiding travel to certain areas is also important for women who are pregnant or contemplating getting pregnant.

Keep in mind that mosquitoes can spread other diseases as well, such as West Nile. If you have a mosquito problem, call your Freehold exterminator. Contact Allison Pest Control for help getting rid of these pests.