Tag: Wood Destroying Insects

  • Not To “Bee a Bore”, But Carpenter Bees Present A Huge Challenge To Homeowners

    As the weather gets warmer, you can expect to see more bugs around. This might include carpenter bees, which can put your home at risk of damage. Find out more about carpenter bees in Monmouth County and why pest control for them is important. Carpenter Bee Behavior Carpenter bees don’t spend their time making honey in honeycomb […]

  • Plan Ahead to Termite-Proof Your NJ Home with Our Tips

    When termites get into your home, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage that costs a lot to repair. In addition to having NJ pest control services help you prevent these pests from getting in, you should also make sure you’re not making it easier for termites to invade. Clean Your Gutters Having gutters […]

  • Interesting Insect Facts: The Evolution and History of Termites

    Termites are among the most dreaded pests that homeowners deal with. These wood-eating insects are one of the top reasons for hiring Monmouth County pest control services. Despite the trouble they cause, though, termites are actually fascinating bugs. Termite History Researchers haven’t fully determined just how long termites have been around. Some termite fossils date […]

  • What NJ Residents Need to Know About Drywood Termites

    Eastern subterranean termites are one of the biggest reasons for homeowners to seek help from a NJ termite exterminator, but they’re not the only species around. Drywood termites can also be a big problem for homeowners. Knowing more about these pests can help you understand how much damage they can do. What Do They Look […]