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Penn State Explains the Carpenter Bee Life Cycle

Carpenter Bees are Wood Boring Bees
Carpenter Bees are Wood Boring Bees

Carpenter bees are good for plants and flowers, but they can be bad news for your home. Although these bees don’t feed on wood, they chew their way through it in order to create their nests. Here’s some information about the life cycle of these bugs.

Winter and Spring

Young carpenter bees stay hidden and safe inside the tunnels they build during the winter months. When the weather gets warmer, they mate and begin building new tunnels or enlarging existing ones to accommodate their eggs and larvae. These bees prepare special chambers for their young by leaving a mix of pollen and nectar to serve as food. The chambers are then closed up to keep the eggs safe.

Summer and Fall

After going through the larval stage during development, young carpenter bees leave their tunnels in late summer in search of nectar. As the weather gets cooler, they go back to their tunnels to spend the winter months.

If you have trouble with these bees at any time of year, it’s important to have Monmouth County NJ pest control companies handle them, so you don’t get stung. Most carpenter bees don’t sting, but some do have stingers and will defend their nest.

When carpenter bees are affecting your home’s appearance, Monmouth County NJ pest control companies are here to help. Give Allison Pest Control a call, and we’ll make sure these bugs are eliminated.

Carpenter Bees as Pollinators – Are They Pests?

Carpenter Bees Are Wood Boring Bees
Carpenter Bees Are Wood Boring Bees

If you have carpenter bees buzzing around your home, is it time to call Ocean County NJ pest control companies for help? Some people consider these bees pests that destroy wood, while others mainly consider them pollinators that help support our food supplies.

Carpenter Bees as Pests

Carpenter bees make nests by boring holes in wooden structures, including home exteriors. This can create an unsightly appearance, especially if these bees also leave excrement near these holes. Since carpenter bees sometimes keep using the same holes for their nests each year, these holes can become larger and more noticeable. However, carpenter bees rarely cause enough damage to weaken your home’s structures.

Carpenter Bees as Pollinators

Carpenter bees do their share of pollinating just as honey bees and bumble bees do. Thanks to their ability to carry pollen, they help ensure that native plants, crops, and gardens produce fruits and vegetables. They also help support sources of food for wildlife by spreading pollen to wild plants.

Do these benefits outweigh their tendency to bore holes in home exteriors? Bee experts think so, although they encourage homeowners to take steps toward protecting their homes from these insects.

If you have carpenter bees boring holes in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. As one of the leading Ocean County NJ pest control companies, we can get rid of these wood-destroying bees for you.