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News Flash: New Disease Carried by NJ Ticks Attacks the Brain

Knowing is Half The Battle, The Rest is up to You.
Knowing is Half The Battle, The Rest is up to You.

Ticks might not be among the most common reasons to hire NJ pest control services, but these pests are posing an even bigger danger to homeowners in the state. Researchers have found that ticks are capable of transmitting an illness that attacks human brains.

Powassan Virus

There haven’t been that many cases of the Powassan virus, which is spread through tick bites, but the cases that do occur are usually very serious. In 10 percent of cases, patients with this virus die and in 50 percent of cases, patients ended up with permanent disability.

It’s also important to note that it only takes about 15 minutes for this virus to spread from a tick bite, while Lyme disease takes about 24 hours. This shorter transmission time makes Powassan virus even more dangerous. Keep in mind that there aren’t any vaccines available to lower your risk of it or any medications for treating it.

Higher Tick Populations

The other bad news is that a rainy winter with warmer weather has led to an increase in tick populations. If you go outside in wooded areas or fields, stay covered to reduce your risk of being bitten by a tick. Check your skin after being outside in your own yard just to be safe.

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Powassan – a New Tick-Borne Disease Has Faster Transmission Time

New Diseases Carried by Ticks
New Diseases Carried by Ticks

Ticks infesting your yard are never a good thing and as known carriers of the Powassan virus, they can pose a big problem for your health.

This virus has been around for a few years but wasn’t tagged as a major health concern because many people who were bitten and infected didn’t develop symptoms. This doesn’t mean that the virus isn’t dangerous.

Powassan is a disease transmitted by deer ticks. It’s symptoms are worse than Lyme Disease and there’s no cure. One property that makes Powassan more problematic is that the virus can be passed from a deer tick to a human in less than 15 minutes.

For some, Powassan has the potential to result in long-lasting neurological damage or even death. Symptoms are similar to those of meningitis or encephalitis and can take anywhere from one week to one month for symptomatic signs to develop after you’ve been bitten.

The symptoms to look for include headaches, fever and vomiting, along with weakness, loss of memory, and impairment of speech and coordination. The Powassan virus can also lead to swelling in the brain.

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