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Do Termites Make Noise? Can You Hear Them?

Listen for Termites in Walls
Listen for Termites in Walls

Termites are not commonly seen by the naked eye, but the damage they cause by feeding on wood is quite visible and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you suspect you have a termite infestation in your New Jersey home, listen for the following three sounds that have been identified as being termite sounds, though plenty of damage can occur within your walls without a sound. If you think you are hearing one of the following sounds, call our Monmouth County Termite Control to be certain.


If you hear a rattling taking place inside a wall, it may be because some termites have become disturbed by something and are acting out in frustration. The rattling is caused by the termites knocking their heads against the tunnel walls, creating a sound that is audible in normal listening ranges.

Rustling in the Walls

While drywood termites are tunneling through surface wood within walls, a paper rustling sound can be heard.

Hollow Wall Sounds

If you suspect termites, tap on the wall or wood in question. If it sounds hollow, you may have a termite infestation. This is a very reliable method for identifying a termite problem because of the differences.

Do you think you may have termites or carpenter ants in your home? Please contact us to schedule a time with one of our Monmouth County Termite Control inspectors to identify the root cause of your infestation.

One of Four Types of Termites – Dampwood Termites

Damp Wood Termites
Dampwood Termites

Looking at the termite damage to your home and trying to figure out “whodunit?” The Tom’s River termite control experts at Allison Pest Control are here to put the spotlight on dampwood termites to help you better ID your offenders…

What’s in a name?
As their name suggests, dampwood termites are named after their favorite meal: very moist wood. They need lots of moisture, and as such, require damp environments such as dying wood or homes with moisture problems resulting from leaking plumbing, ailing roofs, or others issues that keep wood wet.

Dampwood mugshot:
Dampwood termites are larger than the other three types of termite species. Colonies don’t have workers. Instead, younger termites – dubbed “false workers” – perform daily tasks for the colony, such as munching your home’s structure. Dampwood termites can be identified by their brownish, 1/2-5/8 inch long, narrow, oval body complete with 6 legs, wings, and antenna.

Dampwood prevention
Dampwood termites typically don’t bother buildings because under normal conditions there is not enough water in the wood. You can keep them away from your home by ensuring sufficient drainage that slants away from your home, replacing damp or damaged wood outside your home, and the timely repair of leaks that could attract them to your home’s structure.

Termite’s munching your home or business eating at you? The Tom’s River termite control experts at Allison Pest Control can help. Contact us today.