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Brace Yourself for These Top Summer Pests in New Jersey

Protect Your Home and Family from Summer Pests.
Protect Your Home and Family from Summer Pests.

It’s that time of year when bugs come out in full force, leading homeowners to call Ocean County NJ pest control companies. You’ll probably see nuisance bugs outside, but some can manage to find their way indoors and create a problem in your NJ home. Here are some of the more common pests to watch for this summer.


Although cockroaches are around throughout the year, they’re usually out and about more often during the summer months. You might find these pests crawling around your kitchen looking for food and water. Make sure you sweep the floor, put pet food away and wipe down counters to discourage these disease-carrying pests.


Ants are a common sight in homes when it’s warm outside. You might see small ants, such as sugar ants, hanging around your kitchen, or you might find larger carpenter ants around your home. Carpenter ants can damage the wood in your home, while other ant species can contaminate your food supplies.

Mosquitoes and Ticks

These biting pests are usually more of an outdoor problem than an indoor one. Mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases, such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease, so it’s important to lower your risk of being bitten.

If you end up having problems with any bugs this summer, it’s time to look into Ocean County NJ pest control companies. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information on our services.

News Flash: Mosquitoes and the West Nile Disease

Invasive Insects Are Moving Into New Jersey
Invasive Insects Are Moving Into New Jersey

It’s that time of year when mosquitoes come out in full force and will probably require NJ pest control services to keep them under control. In addition to leaving itchy bites and welts, these pests can pose another risk. They can transmit West Nile virus to people through their bites.

Mild Cases

West Nile virus is an illness that usually doesn’t present any noticeable symptoms. Roughly one in five of those who have this illness might experience a fever, rash and flu-like symptoms, such as joint pain, headaches, vomiting and diarrhea. Most cases of West Nile virus get better on their own, although fatigue can linger for several weeks.

Serious Cases

West Nile virus isn’t always a serious illness, but it can cause neurological symptoms in some people. These symptoms include headache, a stiff neck and high fever that can develop into paralysis, coma or seizures without prompt treatment. In some cases, the effects of these symptoms can be permanent.

It’s important to lower your risk of West Nile virus by keeping mosquito populations on your property under control. Keep in mind that these insects can also carry other diseases, including Zika and heart worm disease, which can put your pets at risk.

If you have a mosquito problem on your property, Allison Pest Control can help. Our NJ pest control services can help lower your risk of West Nile virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses.

This Year’s Wet Winter Means More Summer Insects in New Jersey

This Child's Face Says What We Are All Feeling: Last Winter's Mild Temperature Will Lead to Increase in Summer Pests.
This Child’s Face Says What We Are All Feeling: Last Winter’s Mild Temperature Will Lead to Increase in Summer Pests.

The winter months are over, but all the snow and rain we had in NJ means that you can expect to see a lot more bugs this summer. If you normally deal with mosquitoes and other pests during summer, their numbers might be even higher than usual.

Effects of Weather on Bugs

Having a lot of precipitation during winter brings bugs out in full force when spring and its warmer weather roll around. Spiders, mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs tend to thrive in these types of conditions. Ants are also around in abundance after a winter full of wet weather.

Bug Problems

Spiders and ants aren’t much of a problem as long as they stay outdoors, but they can be a big problem inside homes. Some spiders bite, while ants can get into food supplies and even chew on wiring inside walls. Mosquitoes and ticks are a problem whether they’re inside or outside. In most cases, you’ll find these biting pests outdoors. Mosquitoes and ticks can spread certain diseases, including Lyme disease and West Nile virus, so it’s best to hire NJ pest control services if you have a problem with them on your property.

If mosquitoes or other bugs are giving you a problem this summer, our NJ pest control services can help. Give Allison Pest Control a call for more information on our services in Monmouth County and Ocean County.

The Worst of the Summertime Pests Get Worse with Global Warming

Ticks and Mosquitoes Carry Diseases That Could Harm Your Kids... Be on the Lookout!
Ticks and Mosquitoes Carry Diseases That Could Harm Your Kids… Be on the Lookout!

The summer months keep pest control companies in Freehold busy, as more insect pests tend to be around causing problems for homeowners. With increasing temperatures, thanks to global warming, more and more of these bugs are expected to be out and about. There are two summer bugs that you should worry about the most as temperatures continue to warm.


Mosquito species thrive in warmer temperatures. Many of them would normally die off in colder weather, but global warming means that more of them are able to survive. Although some of these insects act as more of a nuisance with their itchy bites, others pose a serious health threat.

Some mosquito species in NJ can spread diseases, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. Mosquitoes from southern regions that carry tropical and subtropical diseases are also expected to make their way up north as temperatures continue to rise.

Deer Ticks

Deer ticks are another summer pest that can be more than a nuisance. These ticks can spread Lyme disease and other diseases when they latch onto people. Deer tick populations are on the rise due to warmer winters, and these pests are expected to spread.

Don’t handle summer pests on your own. Get help from the pest control experts in Freehold instead. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about how we can help you rid your home and yard of insect pests this summer.

Top Summer Pests in NJ Homes

Year Round Problem
Year Round Problem

Summer is bug weather. Numerous insects thrive in Monmouth County, New Jersey’s summertime heat and humidity. Ants, termites, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, millipedes, bees, wasps and a seemingly endless list of creepy crawlies explode in number during the summer months.

Invasive Home Pests

Most insects are content to stay outdoors where shelter and food are easy to find during the summer. It is only when they inadvertently wander into your home while foraging that many insects become pests. It won’t be until early fall when stink bugs, box elder bugs, ladybugs, crickets and other overwintering problem insects start coming indoors in search of winter shelter that Monmouth County homeowners will feel that their homes are under siege.

However, there are year-round pests like wood destroying termites and carpenter ants that frequently take up residence in Monmouth County homes and can cause considerable structural damage when they do. Certain pests like cockroaches and ants are also frequent home invaders, finding plentiful food supplies in our kitchens and comfortable shelter behind appliances and cabinetry.

Outdoor Yard Pests

Even when insects do not invade our homes, we can find their presence intolerable when they locate their nests or hives in our yards. Stinging bees and wasps and disease carrying mosquitoes, ticks and fleas can turn Ocean County yards into danger zones and wood-destroying carpenter bees can chase us off our porches and decks.

Seasonal extermination services by an experienced Monmouth County exterminator can end your summer (and winter) pest problems. Contact Allison Pest Control today to find out about our home pest protection plans for residents of Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties, New Jersey.