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Don’t Let NJ Wildlife Turn Your Attic into a Nursery

Spring is on the horizon which means wildlife moms are looking for safe, warm places to give birth and raise their brood. Squirrels and raccoons are common attic invaders. Your Monmouth County, NJ attic has everything animal moms are looking for: safety from predators, a warm and cozy environment, and plenty of toasty insulation for nesting. However, their destructive nature and the diseases and parasites they carry make nuisance wildlife extremely unwelcome house guests. Allison Pest Control’s professional wildlife removal experts can remove unwelcome animals safely and prevent their return.

How to Keep Animals Out

Follow these tips to keep animals from invading your Ocean County, NJ home:

• Cap your chimney to keep wildlife out.

• Replace plastic attic fan caps with metal ones.

• Don’t leave pet food outside.

• Locate bird feeders away from your house.

• Don’t store pet food or birdseed in your garage, shed or porch. If you do, keep it in critter-proof containers.

• Secure garbage in animal-proof containers. If your trash collection company requires that you use a certain type of garbage container, ask if they can provide a wildlife-proof strap or secure lid. In a pinch, placing a heavy brick on top of the lid will deter many animals.

• Secure your pet door at night to prevent raccoons from coming in.

What to Do When Animals Get In

If nuisance wildlife do gain entry to your Monmouth County home, don’t try to remove them yourself. An animal protecting its young may attack without warning. Wild animals can be vicious when frightened or cornered and are vectors for rabies and other dangerous diseases. Don’t place yourself at risk. Call Allison Pest Control’s experienced wildlife control professionals for safe and humane wildlife removal and exclusion services.

Don’t Let Squirrels Turn Up the Heat in Your Home

Squirrels may not be the natural association that comes to mind when you think of house fires. However, the fact is that it’s a real possibility if these unwanted guests set up shop in your attic. Once they start in on your home’s wiring with their razor-sharp teeth, the results can be damaging and costly.

Last summer a New York Times Magazine writer tracked 50 reports of squirrel-related power outages in 24 states over just a three-month period. There are numerous stories of unlucky home owners who have been similarly victimized, such as a couple in Columbia, SC who suffered $90,000 in damages resulting from invading squirrels gnawing through electrical wiring.

What makes these wires such an attractive target for squirrels? Their front teeth never stop growing. Just as cats need to scratch to keep their claws trimmed, squirrels need to chew to keep their teeth at a manageable length. While your attic provides a nice warm nesting place, there’s no access to acorns, tree bark or other items they usually use to nibble on. They end up making do with whatever is available, including structural wood, insulation and electrical wires.

If you suspect that squirrels have infested your home, don’t wait until it reaches a danger point. The Monmouth County NJ squirrel control experts at Allison Pest Control can help with safe and humane removal. Our professional services include thorough cleaning and sanitation of the affected area to prevent any lingering problems. Contact us at 800.564.4585 to ask questions or schedule an appointment.

What Damage Can Squirrels Cause in Your Attic?

Do you think of squirrels as those cute furry animals frolicking in your yard and nibbling on acorns? You’ll have a lot darker picture of them when you learn what havoc they can wreck in your attic.

Squirrels view your home as just a different type of tree with the attic serving as that big hollow space they love to inhabit. Thanks to their climbing ability they can access the smallest hole or crevice at the top of the house to enter undetected.

Once inside, they’ll carry on all their usual outdoor activities. In fact, your first clue as to their presence is probably the sound of them scurrying overhead. Those sharp teeth they use on acorns can quickly do serious damage to both the attic’s structure and any items stored inside. Chewed electrical wiring can pose a real threat of fire.

A squirrel’s pungent urine can also be as destructive as a water leak. It saturates the insulation and causes damage as it soaks into the ceilings below. Their feces are also difficult to clean up and may carry germs such as salmonella. Squirrels can also bring along other unwanted guests in the form of ticks and fleas that may infest both humans and pets.

The NJ squirrel control experts at Allison Pest Control can rid your home of this problem. Our trained and licensed technicians will safely and efficiently remove all traces of squirrel infestation as well as repair minor damage to eliminate the points of access. Contact us at 800.564.4585 for expert answers to your questions.

Squirrels In The Attic Cause A Mountain Of Trouble

When dangling from a tree limb or frolicking throughout the yard with their buddies, cute and fluffy squirrels are fun to watch.  When lying in bed at night and you hear thumping overhead, the sounds of squirrels in the attic are frightening.

As the NJ weather beings to turn cold, many different types of rodents and animals pests will be seeking shelter for the upcoming winter.  Squirrels will take advantage of an assortment of ways to gain access to a home’s attic.  A tree branch that touches or is overhanging a roof makes for easy access to a roof.  There squirrels will try to enter through plastic attic vents.  Their sharp teeth and claws make a break-in easy.  A loose piece of roofing or damaged piece of soffit is another way that clever squirrels find their way inside.

Squirrels in the attic are unwelcome houseguests for many reasons.  One squirrel often turns into many squirrels as squirrels are able to share such a large space that an attic brings.  Besides their overhead scampering, squirrels can be quite loud when communicating with each other.  Their chattering and shrieks are known for early morning human wake-up calls.

Squirrels are known to carry parasites such as ticks and fleas which can travel down into the main quarters of a home causing a serious infestation.  Ticks and fleas are known to cause diseases such as Lyme disease, Typhus, and the Plague so it is important to keep these pests out of your home.  A Monmouth County NJ Pest Control professional like Allison Pest Control specializes in humanly ridding NJ homes of squirrels and providing exclusion services.

Keep Wild Animals Outdoor With Allison Pest Control

Watching wild animals outdoors is great fun for New Jersey residents.  They climb, forage, and frolic at will throughout all areas of the state.  Because people have moved into territory that once belonged to squirrels, raccoons, possums, snakes, and other critters, wild animals have had to adapt their living conditions to share space with humans.

As the summer months begin to pass and the weather begins to chill, many types of wild animals will begin their quest of looking for a warm location to hunker down for the upcoming winter months.  Urban sprawl has given many types of wild animals the opportunity to invade homes and businesses.

Once wild animals make their way indoors, they become a pest as they will cause serious damage to a home or business.  Squirrels, raccoons, and possums all need to constantly gnaw so that they are able to grind down their continually growing teeth.  These wild animals frequently gnaw on electrical wiring which poses a fire hazard to the structure that they have invaded.  Their continual voiding of urine and feces can transmit disease as the dried feces create dangerous airborne particles.

A Monmouth County, NJ exterminator like Allison Pest Control has trained technicians which are able to humanely trap pesky wild animals which have invaded your home or office.  We do not euthanize the animals we trap.  Instead, after trapping, all animals are relocated and released back into their natural habitat.  Call Allison Pest Control today for expert wild animal removal and exclusion services.