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Sharp Teeth and Persistence Make Squirrels a Formidable Pest

Squirrels may seem cute when they’re leaping through the branches of your backyard trees; but when they move into your attic, these tree-dwelling rodents quickly go from cute to headache. Common along the Eastern Seaboard from Canada to Florida, the Eastern gray squirrel found in Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey is one of the most common and often most troublesome nuisance animal pests.

Squirrels typically build their nests in the hollows of hardwood trees or construct messy nests of leaves in tree branches. But if these wily animals can find a way into your toasty New Jersey attic, they’ll take up residence in your home. Once inside, squirrels can do considerable damage with their sharp claws and teeth, will foul insulation with their waste and have started fires chewing through exposed electrical wires. Squirrels also carry mites, ticks, worms and other disease-ridden parasites into your home.

If squirrels find a small hole or soft spot in your soffit, eaves or roof, they’ll use their sharp teeth to enlarge it and move in. With mating season nearly here, squirrels are looking for safe, warm places to raise their young. Litters of two to seven young are born about six weeks after mating. Infants blind and helpless at birth but grow quickly and are independent in just eight to 10 weeks. Most squirrels have a second litter in mid-summer.

Once squirrels find a way in into your New Jersey home, these persistent animals can be very difficult to remove. Squirrels are very excitable. A frightened or cornered squirrel may attack, scratching and biting, particularly if young are present. Live trapping by Allison Pest Control’s experienced squirrel removal experts is the safest, most humane way to rid your New Jersey home of squirrels.