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Sowbugs and Centipedes Are Closer to Crabs Than Insects

To Treat a Problem You Must First Know What the Problem Is!
To Treat a Problem You Must First Know What the Problem Is!

Some of the pests you find around your home aren’t necessarily insects, even though they look very bug-like. Centipedes and sowbugs are examples of bugs that aren’t really bugs. Instead, these critters are arthropods that are related to crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans. Keep in mind that our Tom’s River exterminator can help get them out of your home.


Sowbugs are small and have a brownish-gray coloring. If you look closely at them, you’ll notice that they actually look like small armadillos due to the plates that cover their backs. Sowbugs can only live in damp environments, so you’re not likely to find them hanging out in the main part of your home. You might find them in your basement, though, or around the outside of your house and on your lawn.


Centipedes are long and have many pairs of legs on their bodies. They’re yellowish-gray or brown in color and have stripes on their legs. These critters, which prefer to live in damp, dark places, feed on bugs and other arthropods. You’ll most likely see centipedes scurrying across walls in your home as they move from one hiding spot to the next. Centipedes are capable of biting people, but rarely do.

If you’re having problems with centipedes, sowbugs or other pests, a reliable Tom’s River exterminator can help you get rid of them. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about our services.