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Skunks Are a Stinky Pest

In nature, certain insects and animals are given the upper hand over would-be predators because of their special coloration.  For instance, the cute looking black and red lady bug is rarely challenged by any other insect because of its coloring.  In the animal world, there is no animal that is has been blessed with a better coat saying “keep away” like the skunk.

Skunks are cute little creatures to look at…in pictures that is.  The do not typically attack other animals, but they will defend their young.  If skunks are cornered they will give several warning signs that trouble is on the way.  They are known to stomp their feet, growl, spit, puff out their fur, and shake their tail.  If those warning signs do not work, the invader will surely be blasted with a pungent liquid that smells horrific and will make you the least popular person on the block.

Skunks will travel 5-10 miles to forage for food.  They are good in that they have strong front claws that enable them to dig deep into the ground and find insects that would otherwise damage lawns and gardens.  Many homeowners do not appreciate the holes that skunks leave behind when they are foraging for food.

Dens are built in wood piles, crawl spaces, under decks, or any place that they can find a warm, dry location.  If they happen to find a trashcan loaded with goodies, these critters will not likely ever leave.

You can avoid the stench of a skunk by hiring a Monmouth County, NJ exterminator who will humanely remove the little stinker with ease.