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Firebrats, Why You Don’t Want Them in Your Home or Office

Silverfish Control

Do you think you know every kind of insect pest infestation that can possibly threaten your nice, clean house or office? Did you think cockroaches and bed bugs are as bad as pest infestations can get, requiring a call to an experienced Freehold NJ exterminator?

What if we told you damp areas around your home or office can be a potential breeding ground for a different type of pest? Firebrats (also known as silverfish) are a quarter of an inch long silver gray insects that might almost be mistaken for cockroaches, but are much faster and more agile.

How They Get In

Firebrats can be carried into a building through boxes that have been kept in damp areas and carry infestations. They also travel in packs and can move into a damp, enclosed area on their own. Once they find a food source, they prefer to set up camp near it. Since they consume a large variety of materials, there are many places within your dwelling that would seem like an all-you-can-eat buffet to firebrats.

They’re Bad News Because They…

1. Eat into and cause damage to furniture, clothes and books.

2.Cause contamination of food and water supplies.

3. Weaken the foundation of a dwelling by eating into the building cracks and creating nests in the hollowed out areas.

4. Large scale infestations require the expert handling of a freehold exterminator to be removed, which can be expensive.

If you have firebrats, make sure to call Allison Pest Control today to get fast treatment.

Five Fun Facts About Silverfish

Silverfish Control
Silverfish Control

Never heard of silverfish? Also known as bristletails or firebrats, these extraordinary insects have lots of interesting features:

  1. They’re prehistoric.
    One of the oldest insects in the world, silverfish have inhabited the planet for over 400 million years – that’s 100 million years before dinosaurs even existed!
  2. They live a very long life.
    If you’re suffering from a silverfish problem in your home, you’re probably hoping they have a short lifespan. Not so. Silverfish live a very long life, from 3 to 6 years on average. In fact, some silverfish have been known to live over 8 years!
  3. They’re hard to kill.
    Silverfish possess an amazing tolerance to bug poisons, possibly due to their long history helping them build up an immune tolerance.
  4. They have weird tastes.
    If you think by stashing the sweets you’ll ditch your silverfish problem, think again. Silverfish can live up to a year without food, and have a very unusual diet, consisting mainly of paper, glue, and other starchy substances like toothpaste, pasta, and cardboard. Kind of brings new meaning to a high carb, high fiber diet doesn’t it?
  5. They’re highly acrobatic.
    Because of their small size and many appendages, silverfish are capable of scaling walls and ceilings, jumping as high as two feet vertically, and squeezing into tiny cracks in your walls. Good luck cornering a silverfish!

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Silverfish May Indicate a Moisture or Animal Invasion Problem

If you find more than an occasional silverfish running across your bathroom ceiling or resting on your kitchen wall, you could have a problem. These insects are attracted by moisture and are frequent inhabitants of bird and animal nests, but they have a low reproductive rate and develop slowly. An occasional sighting of this household pest might be considered normal, but if you start seeing silverfish on a daily basis or surprise a group of these usually nocturnal insects, it’s time to investigate.

You could have a leak in your roof or a leaky pipe; but you might also have birds or squirrels nesting in your attic. If the problem is nesting birds or animals, silverfish may be the least of your worries. Not only can animal and bird pests be very destructive, warn experienced New Jersey exterminators; but they can introduce disease-bearing ticks, mites, worms and other pests into your home.

Named for their fish-shaped body and silvery gray color, silverfish are wingless, soft-bodied insects. From 1/2- to 1-inch long, these insects have distinctive overlong, hair-like antennae and three long filaments that protrude from the rear of their abdomen. Fast runners, silverfish will dart quickly across walls and ceilings but can become trapped in deep, smooth-sided sinks and tubs.

Outdoors, you’re likely to run across silverfish while gardening. These insects prefer to live in dark, damp places and are typically found under rocks, mulch and leaf mold. If they find their way into your home, they will hide in wall voids, attics, crawl spaces and behind baseboards. Silverfish feed on high-carbohydrate plants but will also eat wallpaper paste, box glue, paper sizing, flour, sugar, cereal, fabrics and laundry starch.

Allison Pest Control’s Home Pest Protection Plan can keep your home silverfish free year round.