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How Do NJ Pests Survive in Winter?

Pests During the Winter
Pests During the Winter

Pest control companies in Freehold never get a chance to rest, even during the colder winter months when most people think they’re able to get a reprieve from dealing with pests. While there are some insects (such as bees and hornets) that go away during the winter, for other pests, the fun is just beginning.

Ways NJ Pests Survive Winter

Each insect is different. As far as how they make it through the winter they will typically do one of the following:

• Burrowing deep down into the ground

• Building nests deep underground where the temperatures remain at about 55 degrees

• By going into diapause, which is a type of hibernation

• By moving into your NJ home to wait out the winter

Watch Out for Winter Pests

Winter is typically cold in New Jersey, but over the past few years, we’ve had some relatively warm winter days that have brought insects and pests out of hiding. When this happens, you’re likely to see a resurgence, and the chances of their entering your home increases.

Now is the time to get professional help from one of the best pest control companies in Freehold. By acting now, you can protect your family and your property from pests, and you’ll even be ahead of the game when the warmer weather is here to stay in the spring. Allison Pest Control can help. Please contact us!