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Will This Winter for Pests be Like 2015’s?

Will This Winter for Pests be Like 2015's?
Will This Winter for Pests be Like 2015’s?

If you ask the best exterminator in Tom’s River what this winter has in store for us, as far as pest control is concerned, you may be thinking about all of the developments that occurred last year. As winters go, 2016 was relatively mild, which means that pest control specialists were pretty busy. This is because the mild winter led to a significant jump in the number of pests that emerged as soon as spring arrived. The question is, what does this winter have in store for us?

Pest Control Challenges

There are a few challenges ahead for us if this winter is anything like it was last year. There are several factors at play, including:

The Zika Virus – This is a virus that’s spread by mosquitoes, and it can lead to flu-like symptoms in about 20% of those who get it.

• El Niño – We’ve seen El Niño happen many times over the years, and when it does, we’re in for higher temperatures during the winter. That means less pests die off and more emerge in the spring.

• Pesticide Laws – The toxicity of pesticides cannot be questioned, and there are always new laws for the purpose of protecting people.

Your Best Course of Action

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about any of these factors. Just know that the best exterminator in Tom’s River is here to help you. Please contact us right away!

Commercial Pest Control – The Allison Pest Control Difference

Family Safe Pest Control
Family Safe Pest Control

Having bugs, rats, mice or other pests running around your business can put your employees and customers at risk. Some of these pests, such as termites, can even end up causing expensive structural damage to your building. At Allison Pest Control, we offer commercial services to help building owners get rid of unwanted critters.

Our Monmouth County pest control company offers several benefits, including the following:

  • Nontoxic treatments: Chemicals that are typically used to eliminate pests can be a health hazard. We offer environmentally friendly, nontoxic forms of pest control that don’t involve spraying pesticides throughout your building. Our Integrative Pest Management program offers a safe way to get rid of pests or prevent infestations.
  • Ongoing staff training: Our staff members receive extensive training on an ongoing basis in order to provide exceptional pest control services.
  • Emergency services: We offer emergency pest control services in case you need an infestation handled right away in order to protect your employees and customers.

Allison Pest Control provides commercial services for a wide range of industries, including the healthcare industry, schools and universities, daycare centers, restaurants and food processing facilities. We also offer services for municipalities, hotels, stores, business offices and property managers.

If you’re having problems with bugs, rodents or other pests in your building, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our team of Monmouth County pest control experts will provide you with dependable, high-quality services.