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Are Your Ants Pavement Ants or Carpenter Ants? How to Know.

Don't Let Ants Give You a Headache, Let Us Help Ease Your Mind!
Don’t Let Ants Give You a Headache, Let Us Help Ease Your Mind!

Ants are a headache for many homeowners in NJ, but different species can cause different kinds of problems. Being able to tell which species you have in your home can help you understand what you’re dealing with. Carpenter ants and pavement ants are two common ant species found in NJ. Here’s how you can determine which one has invaded your home.

Appearance: Pavement ants are smaller than carpenter ants. They only grow to 4 mm long, but carpenter ants can be as long as 13 mm. Both species have a darker color ranging from brown to black, although pavement ants have lighter-colored legs.

Pavement ants: build their nests in walls, under floors and in outdoor areas, such as under stones.

Carpenter ants: build their nests in decaying or damp wood. They chew through wood in order to make their homes. Having pest control companies in Freehold eliminate them as soon as detected will help prevent further damage.

Appetite: Carpenter ants and pavement ants both like foods that humans eat, but pavement ants prefer greasy foods. Pavement ants leave pheromone trails to food sources, which encourages their kin to enter your home.

No matter what kind of ants you have, it’s important to get help from pest control companies in Freehold before they get out of hand. Give Allison Pest Control a call, and we’ll get rid of any ant infestations you have in your home.

Those Pesky Pavement Ants – The Ants You Love to Hate

Let Us Help You Rid Your Residence of Ants!
Let Us Help You Rid Your Residence of Ants!

Ants are one of the main reasons that NJ homeowners get in touch with pest control companies in Freehold, especially in summer. When you see tiny ants crawling around on your sidewalk, you’re most likely seeing a species known as the pavement ant. They are common ants that can cause headaches for you from spring through fall. Here’s what you should know about this species.

• They’re not from around here. Pavement ants are an invasive species brought over from Europe on ships in the 1700s and 1800s. They came over on soil loaded onto these ships, and they now make their homes in the soil in many parts of the U.S., including New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the Northeast and the Midwest.

• They’re small, dark ants. Pavement ants are between 2.5 and 4 mm in length and have coloring that ranges from dark brown to black. Swarming pavement ants also have a pair of wings, but worker ants don’t.

• They have big appetites. Pavement ants make their way into homes through cracks in interior slabs and foundations in search of food, such as fruit or anything with sugar. They also eat almost any food that people eat, so it’s important to keep your home free of crumbs.

If pavement ants are ruining your summer, it’s time to get help from pest control companies in Freehold. Contact Allison Pest Control for safe and effective ant removal services.