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Spiders Frequently Found in NJ Homes and Businesses

Get Help with Spiders in Your NJ Home or Business from Allison Pest Control!
Get Help with Spiders in Your NJ Home or Business from Allison Pest Control!

Spiders are no strangers to most NJ homeowners. In fact, the state is home to around 39 species. Find out more about some common species of spiders that you might see in or around your home.

Common House Spider

This brown spider is sometimes mistaken for a “brown widow” thanks to its coloring, but it doesn’t have the same harmful bite. Common house spiders are often seen inside homes and commercial buildings.

Garden Spiders

Garden spiders are larger spiders that are typically black and yellow. These harmless spiders weave webs outside to catch insect pests, so you don’t usually need NJ pest control services to deal with them.

Zebra Jumper

This black and white spider has a striped pattern that resembles a zebra. Zebra jumpers can be seen leaping around near buildings and sometimes inside them.

Southern Black Widow

These spiders have black bodies with a red hourglass pattern on their abdomen. Their venomous bite makes them one of the more dangerous spiders to have around, although they’re shy and stay hidden most of the time.

Longbodied Cellar Spider

These long-legged spiders are usually found in basements, sheds and other dark areas, although you might see them on your ceilings as well.

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Learn More About Spiders Commonly Found in New Jersey

Identifying Spiders in New Jersey
Identifying Spiders in New Jersey

Spiders. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, spin webs, and are super fast when skittering across a surface. On top of that, they look menacing and other worldly, and can make a grown person cringe.

There are around 50,000 spider types in the world and Allison Pest Control NJ takes care of handling at least 39 of these spider species that inhabit homes, sheds and surrounding properties. While spiders play their own role in nature, many pose no health threat to humans, but there are some arachnids that have a venomous bite.

New Jersey Spiders

Here’s a short list of spiders that call New Jersey home.

• Bold Jumper – one of the most common spiders in the US, these black spiders feature a colorful patch on their abdomen and like to jump.

• Carolina Wolf Spider – a larger species that prefers keeping a low profile during the day and becoming more active in the evening.

• Long-legged Sac Spider – likes to live indoors and prefers the night to search for food.

• Common House Spiders – prefer weaving webs inside your home and around exterior areas such as garages and storage buildings.

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Smithsonian Loves NJ Residents’ Jumping Spider Image

Jumping Spiders
Jumping Spiders

Some pests have a photogenic and magnetic personality. So it is with jumping spiders.

Recently this tiny spider was photographed by NJ resident, Barbara Storm, who submitted a picture of the spider perched on a begonia pedal to the 13th annual Smithsonian photo contest.

According to Ms. Storm, the jumping spider lives in the backyard of her home in Tewksbury. Ms. Storm stated “some of the most magnificent and beautiful creatures can be found in your own back yard.” With so many skittering specimens making their way around, it’s easily a photographer’s dream come true for colorful and unusual photo opportunities.

Ms. Storm’s jumping spider picture became one of the finalists out of over 46,000 submitted from veteran and amateur photographers around the world.

From bees and lizards to butterflies and squirrels, insects and wildlife play a role in nature, which is important to the planet. Unfortunately, sometimes an infestation of your yard or home can lead to problems, which results in damage to your property.

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Brown Recluse Spider Bites Need Medical Attention

Don't Get Stung
Don’t Get Bit

Brown recluses are spiders that range from light to dark brown and measure up to a half inch long. While they do some good by eating cockroaches and other pests, their bites can be serious.

Brown recluse spiders bite people when defending themselves. Both the males and females are capable of inflicting venomous bites that need prompt medical attention. In most cases, these bites aren’t painful when they occur, but they tend to cause pain and stinging up to eight hours later. If you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse, the bite typically shows up as a small blister that eventually turns into an ulcer. This results in skin damage that can quickly spread unless you seek care. You might also have a fever and restlessness. Without treatment, you can suffer serious skin and nerve damage.

These spiders are usually found outdoors, but they can enter your home and find places to hide, such as inside closets or basements. They refer to stay in dark, quiet areas where they’re not likely to be disturbed, such as clothing piles or storage boxes. If you see these spiders in your home, don’t hesitate to have Monmouth County pest control experts remove them. This helps reduce the risk of being bitten.

Keep brown recluse spiders out of your home and away from your family. Contact our Monmouth County pest control professionals to get rid of these harmful pests.

Do You Know the Most Frequently Found Spiders in New Jersey?

Most Frequently Found
Most Frequently Found

New Jersey is home to roughly 39 species of spiders. While many live outdoors and help control bug populations, some find their way inside homes, where they can become a nuisance. These are some of the most common spiders found in New Jersey.

Common House Spider

These spiders are found in many different parts of the world. They prefer building webs and living in and around buildings, rather than being outdoors. Common house spiders are known for their brown coloring, which causes some people to mistake them for brown widows.

Carolina Wolf Spider

These large spiders reach body lengths of 22 to 35 millimeters. Although they’re mainly found outdoors, some of the males enter homes and buildings during mating season. Carolina wolf spiders are mostly active at night and spend daytime hiding.

Longlegged Sac Spider

These light-colored spiders, which can be tan, yellow or green, have long front legs. They mainly come out at night to hunt for food or search for mates, and they usually make their homes indoors.

Bold Jumper

These black spiders have a triangular patch of red, white or orange on their abdomen. They’re known for making jumping movements that can startle humans. Bold jumpers are the most common jumping spiders in North America.

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