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  • Spiders Frequently Found in NJ Homes and Businesses

    Spiders are no strangers to most NJ homeowners. In fact, the state is home to around 39 species. Find out more about some common species of spiders that you might see in or around your home. Common House Spider This brown spider is sometimes mistaken for a “brown widow” thanks to its coloring, but it […]

  • Learn More About Spiders Commonly Found in New Jersey

    Spiders. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, spin webs, and are super fast when skittering across a surface. On top of that, they look menacing and other worldly, and can make a grown person cringe. There are around 50,000 spider types in the world and Allison Pest Control NJ takes care of handling […]

  • Smithsonian Loves NJ Residents’ Jumping Spider Image

    Some pests have a photogenic and magnetic personality. So it is with jumping spiders. Recently this tiny spider was photographed by NJ resident, Barbara Storm, who submitted a picture of the spider perched on a begonia pedal to the 13th annual Smithsonian photo contest. According to Ms. Storm, the jumping spider lives in the backyard […]

  • Brown Recluse Spider Bites Need Medical Attention

    Brown recluses are spiders that range from light to dark brown and measure up to a half inch long. While they do some good by eating cockroaches and other pests, their bites can be serious. Brown recluse spiders bite people when defending themselves. Both the males and females are capable of inflicting venomous bites that […]

  • Do You Know the Most Frequently Found Spiders in New Jersey?

    New Jersey is home to roughly 39 species of spiders. While many live outdoors and help control bug populations, some find their way inside homes, where they can become a nuisance. These are some of the most common spiders found in New Jersey. Common House Spider These spiders are found in many different parts of […]