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Bugs Are Confused by Our Weird Winter Weather

Bugs Vs Winter 2016
Bugs Vs Winter 2016

Winter got off to a warm start in New Jersey, especially during the holidays. While many NJ residents have enjoyed having temperatures that are warmer than usual, this weather has also led to an increase in pests throughout the state.

December’s mild temperatures have confused bees and other bugs, as well as flowers and trees, which could lead to delayed blooming in spring. These bugs have been active during a time that they’re usually not, which increases the risk of infestations. Homeowners in NJ might also see a lot more of certain types of bugs that usually die off in winter, such as stink bugs, ticks and fleas. This could lead to a higher number of infestations this spring, so be prepared to contact NJ pest control experts if needed. When temperatures aren’t cold enough, these bugs are able to survive the winter and emerge in spring in greater numbers. Although colder temperatures can help keep pest populations down, it’s important to watch for signs of insect or other pest infestations this winter and spring. Having infestations dealt with earlier rather than later can limit the amount of damage these pests can do to your home and lower the risk of health problems that some types can cause.

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