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You’re Not Imagining It, Black Squirrels Thrive in New Jersey

Black Squirrels Everywhere
Black Squirrels Everywhere

If you haven’t seen a black squirrel in your neck of the woods, keep your eyes peeled. They are the melanistic or “black” version of the common gray squirrel, and they are some of the prettiest, funniest acting and unique looking squirrels around.

Indigenous to the Northeast

These squirrels are fairly common to the northeastern U.S., and as such, they will be found around your neighborhood. Like all squirrels, they like nuts of all kinds, and if you have an oak tree nearby, the chances are that you’ll also have black squirrels too.

One of the main reasons they populate our neck of the woods is because black squirrels don’t lose as much heat as gray squirrels do. Consequently, in southern climates, they would generally overheat due to their heat capturing black fur. They tolerate cold better than they do heat, which makes the northeastern part of the country so appealing.

A Squirrel is Still a Squirrel

Regardless of how cute or pretty or unique black squirrels are, they still have the same habits as their gray cousins. That means they can, and will, invade your garage, attic or other outbuildings if they have the chance.

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